Unit icons invisible in unit window.

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    • Unit icons invisible in unit window.

      Hi all,

      Today there was disconnection from server "can't find game number........ etc". After game come back online, when i click on unit group i can't see their icons in unit window - even if it's only single unit. I noticed wery small slider on side of unit window and I think that's new from this restart? Anyhow when I use that slider icons show up but only partially.

      I'm using Chrome for playing.
      When I play in Edge everything is normal and there is no that small slider next to unit window.

    • Hi,

      I just checked your game and all looks fine - please clear your browser cache via Ctrl-Shift-Delete (Windows) or Command-Shift-Delete (Mac).

      Also you can try to play on Firefox, they just released a massive new version that made the game much faster for me... After I had actually given up on Firefox a few years back.

      Hope it helps and please report if you have any troubles.

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