Refueling and Maintenance feature

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    • Refueling and Maintenance feature

      Another suggestion I have is for naval and air units to be required to return to their assigned air or naval base for refueling and maintenance. Right now you could literally have your aircraft patrolling in the air forever and they'd never run out of fuel and crash. Your naval vessels never return to port for refueling or resupply of ammunition and warheads (conventional, chemical, and nuclear). So, here are some ideas I have,

      For aerial units:

      1. Fighters have smaller ranges than heavies, so they'd only be able to stay airborne for a less amount of time than the heavies. They should be able to fly back to an air base of a player's choosing once they've completed an assigned task when they begin running low on fuel or need maintenance, rather than flying back to the air base they originally took off from. We should be able to fly them back to a different air base or air field. Helis and heavies should be required to land for refueling and maintenance, as well.

      2. Tankers should be implemented so that we can perform mid-air refueling when we desperately need to keep our planes in the air for whatever the dire situation is.

      3. If planes are grounded in an allied air base, the ally would provide the resupplying of ammunition and missiles. But, permission should be required before any player can land their aircraft in an ally's territory.

      4. Completely turning away from the main topic of this suggestion, but: Air-to-air fighters should be equipped with Air-to-air missiles and planes should not be seeming to collide on the map and then lose health. Sometimes in air combat in the real world, one side doesn't receive any damage at all or lose any aircraft. So, we should have the Air-to-air missile feature because it's so frustrating to lose aircraft from a fighter wing every single time they engage an enemy, even when their aircraft is less advanced and they have fewer fighters in that one wing. It doesn't work that way in the real world.

      For naval units:

      1. Naval vessels should be required to dock in a base for refueling, resupplying, and maintenance repairs. They could return to a homeland naval base or a base of an allied nation and receive the same amount of treatment.

      2. Depending on the severity of the damage sustained, ships and submarines should have to remain docked for a longer or shorter period.

      3. In order for a player to dock their ships at an allied base, they'd need permission from that specific nation. Allied nations would provide resupply of ammunition and warheads if a player has docked their ships there. There should, however, be a limit on how many ships can be docked in allied territory to prevent players from draining the ammunition and warhead supply from their allies, although that may not be an issue if permission is required in the first place.

      Another completely off-topic suggestion: I've said this before, but we should be able to assign a specific route to our aircraft and not just have them flying straight. They should be able to curve around, changing directions. We also need to assign routes to prevent our aircraft from violating another country's sovereign air space. In the real world, if any nation flew their aircraft over another country, that other country would immediately scramble fighters and if the aircraft flying over don't leave the restricted air space, they'd get shot down. So, if this feature is implemented and another player decides to fly over another country's air space, they would be notified that they're provoking the country (or countries), but it wouldn't declare war. That would allow the other country to scramble fighters and intercept and allow them to shoot the hostile aircraft out of the sky without going to war.

      One last completely off-topic suggestion: We need more sea routes for our navy's to travel.

      Hope my ideas are taken into strong consideration. :)

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    • The guy who plays MEIOU in me says that he loves the ideas

      the player of CoN asks himself if such complexity, that add so many layers of possibilities, are desirable for the casual ^^

      Several of your proposals seem hard to code, btw.

      My preffered (for UX sake) would be to be able to ... say, plan a bombardment with a plane, but with waypoints. PREMIUM feature
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