Economical/Irregular War (under construction)

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    • Economical/Irregular War (under construction)

      Ok, so, hello everyone that reads this. I know already that this idea has been a recurrent topic in CoN, i merely want to offer my point of view.

      I like this game a lot. But i really think about the idea of making economics and trade relationships a more valuable strategy for winning, and some ways to make this possible. What ideas did i think about? well, here are some of them:

      1. TRADE ALLIANCES: I personally consider the CoN trading system "incomplete" about the fact it is not that easy to exchange products with your allies (because you need to put an offer in the market, warn him about taking it before someone else and viceversa, unless there is a system that i haven´t discovered yet).

      A new way to exchange with your allies should be created (maybe as a relationship, but one apart from the diplomatic relations. I mean that the creation of a pact should be allowed between countries that have peace/right of way/shared map-intelligence with each other WITHOUT affecting any sharing these countries already have. The only part where the creation of a pact should be forbidden would be in case at least one of them has a status of war/trade embargo on the other). Some features would be modifiable by both players, like which materials are going to be exchanged/bought/sold and the exchange rate between the products. Both players shall consent about creations or modifications on the pact, before it passes. The previous rule doesn´t apply to the cancellation of the pact, of course.

      2. MORE ECONOMICAL WEAPONS: What do i mean? well, more ways to harm your enemy´s economics. And i want to emphasize on the effect that a Trade embargo has. It should harm at least a little more. Affecting the normal income of resources by a percentage (not a big one, some 10% for each embargo imposed on the player. But as we don´t want to exagerate it, i shall explain that the embargo always affects 10% of the income of that moment, not it´s overall, i mean, the first embargo reduces 10% of total, the second affects 10% from the 90% that remains, the third one reduces 10% from the % remaining, well, i hope you get the idea). This will make embargoes not exactly something we would want massively, as it affects our economy, but it also won´t end our economy as long as we keep little or no embargoes.

      Also, it would be better if corruption agents are more harmful to the economy/moral of a country, because at least i don´t think it´s worth it to hire this agent type.

      3. IRREGULAR WARFARE: About this one, i would like to consider an idea that i saw somehere else recently, but caught my attention: the funding of rebel armies that can serve as another way of winning resources or annoying your enemy massively, without waging direct war (funding rebels would not cause war and would remain anonymous for the affected, and the way to discover who is funding rebels on your territory are agents: they have the chance to uncover the bastard promoting those pesky insurgents). This wouldn´t be a way to wipe out enemies by itself(this is where a good economy gets in), but it can allow you to cause havoc on enemy provinces behind the lines, if you mix it with paranoi. Now, for avoiding abuse of this, i can recommend: 1. rebel units should not be that powerful: they should be somewhat powerful, yeah, but maybe same than a normal mot. infantry unit, with some more health. 2. Between funding and funding, there shall be a period of time: so people that have a lot of money start spamming rebels everywhere abruptly. I think a period of one-two days is enough. 3. They can be spawned ONLY where there are no troops (cities included) AND finally, the funding must often be effective, not always. This can force attacking and defending players to reconsider it´s strategy. For the defender, the cities are now sacred places that are in danger as long as there are no land troops in there, so they will have to focus on keeping guard troops on it´s most important provinces (usually these are cities) to prevent any kind of insurgency. Even when there is no war, there should be always some kind of protection for important territories, as, like i mentioned before, the apparition of rebels doesn´t cause war until the "offender" is discovered. And for the attacker, this would prevent any form of spamming, because, added to the fact you must wait some time to do it various times, there is no 100% chance it will work. I also recommend that there is more chance of a successful funded uprising on occupied territories (not annexed) and with a low morale.

      ¿Why would i like to see this? well, this will certainly make the game more realistic, as now you don´t have only the military alone if you want to win, now you must take into account your economical allies/enemies, when is more profitable to invade or to establish diplomatic relations...Oh, and you will certainly have to think more to secure your country from external threats, considering everything the enemy could do, not only moving troops, but in the matter of espionage/irregular warfare. Especially the last one, because maybe your "friend" will be the one that is wasting money on constant uprisings on your homeland. In less words, you will have to be a lot more intelligent and less confident on the other players.

      Well, i know this could have some things that can be improved or changed. If you want to help me with this, whether it´s recommending a change or just giving your point of view, then please answer with your considerations!

      And yes, i know that improvements like this take a lot of time (months, maybe more) to be well done, but i don´t really care about, because i think true fans of this game can wait.

      Thank you for reading all of this! Have a nice day! :)

      PD: sorry for any bad writing, i am still learning this language. :D
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      Eduardo Galeano
    • YATT - yet another trade thread.

      1) sorry to say, but we will not implement further player to player trading of resources, no matter how well the thread is written. We do eventually want to bring in a safe way to trade at fair market value - but that isn't really what you and others are asking for afaik.

      2) economical damage by agents can be absolutely devastating - make no mistake. It is actually good most people do not invest more into it because it can seriously end the game for a player if maintained.

      3) Irregular warfare is already present. Let me share some of my strategy - both gold and free:
      a) wait until enemy has conquered a city
      b) install an agent in said city to reduce morale
      c) if gold spending wait until day change
      d) wait for reduced morale via agent or spend gold once enemy has moved units out of city
      e) observe drop of local morale to very low rates almost always inciting a insurgency upon next day change
      f) lean back and laugh at your opponent trying to contain rogue state while you keep conquering

      Enjoy ;)
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