Unit names?

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  • Unit names?

    I have no problem with the current names of the units but what about people being actually able to name their divisions? For example i could name one of my land troop divisions as ''Spartan Elites''.
    What do you think about that?
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  • Van Der Kaczy wrote:

    Just a minor cosmetic change, but i like it
    Well you could actually do a lot more with it, you can use it for organizational methods. I usually have several large "divisions" or armies consisting of roughly 10 units as my standard operating procedure, (I will have smaller ones for more specialised needs.) I usually give them an area of operations, such was I have a game as the US, and I have a large army group in Israeli occupied Egypt along its border with Ethiopia to be ready to respond to a threat in the area. If we could name it, I could call it Egypt Defense force, or something like that, so i can quickly find it, and keep it organized. The same goes with fleets, I have several large fleets patrolling major naval areas, (panama Canal, Suez, Med...) and It would help to name them as well. It does have a cosmetic and roleplay use, but can help more with that aswell
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  • Currently not possible for technical reasons - sorry. Units merge and split all the time, getting assigned new numbers without inheritance due to the fact that they are actually treated as an "army" or "stack" - not lots of individual units.

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