No 2 Players in same server from same IP.

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    • No 2 Players in same server from same IP.

      So we all know the rule no 2 players are allowed in the same server from the same internet connection. I can kind of see the problem, but at the same time I don't. Me and my brother LOVED to play together. And me and my friends were all preparing to have a huge game night as his place preparing to make a game. But we had to cancel cause of this rule because some of the others who were gonna be there with us did not have internet at home, and the friends place we were meeting up at had some spare laptops they could use. And me and my brother would also used to play severs for HOURS! We loved it. We would always end up in the top 5 countries left standing XD. But now because of this rule, we can't play together anymore. Which we both found sad. And the only way to play together is in an anti cheat server. But there are never the kind of servers we want. So me and my brother don't really like to play this game that much anymore. Cause the only reason we'd play for hours is because of we were together.
    • That's just the thing. We want to play a 64er 2020 map. And we used to be able to, (without premium) but suddenly it changed one day. Normally I would give him the ID to a game and then we would join, but about 2-4 weeks ago, he got a message when he tried to join saying something like "Your IP is already in this server", and we were confused cause normally we could join together. But out of nowhere, we can't join together unless, like you said, we get premium and no anti cheat. We always played together on servers that HAD anti cheat.
    • Yeah, well - you did so honestly, while unfortunately many many more did the same with the intention of gaining benefits by breaking our rules. So we had to disable multi IP joining for the sake of the player majority. And the 64 maps are all spawned automatically - no exceptions.
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