[Concept] Blockade stance

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    • [Concept] Blockade stance

      Type: unit/group behavior
      Description: unit will attack every military unit, and declare war to every country that will enter range of fire.
      1) Unit must stand at some point, and don't move to perform successful interception.
      2) Unit must not attack allied/right of passage countries
      3) Player looses 5%( more or less ?) popularity per action,
      What else is needed:
      4) There must be some article on the news, that player is blocking for example North Pacific (it's massive so it can be a challenge) - it is an information to other players.
      5) Some warning message to player, about consequences, before he decide to activate that stance. For example : "This actions will lower your popularity, and can bring you to war with other countries. Are you sure?"
      6) This mechanism could prevent action like skipping player's naval patrols (friendly at the moment) early in the morning/late at night.
      7) It's one of those situation, when 'vampire' players get advantage because someone go sleep in normal hours.
      8 ) I know that invasion can be potentially prevented by proper recon actions (awacs, spies), but I feel this is wrong when fleet patrols sees other's players invasion heading to a capital and just do nothing.
      9) I was focused on naval units, but maybe air patrol could also perform air blockade.
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