Trading Resources within a coalition or even secretly with another country

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  • Trading Resources within a coalition or even secretly with another country

    I had an idea that might be kind of cool. Why not allow trading inter-coalition. It happens in real life. What I was thinking is a 24 hours wait time and setting a 25% of your total resources limit on how much you can give to another coalition member. The 24 hour wait time is of course the transport time (even create transport resource units that have say a 2.0 speed and a 3 hour disembark time) ALSO, and this is cool, doing a 2 or 3 x cost for a secret trade with another country not in your coalition. So lets say I want to send X country 1000 Fuel..they are not in my coalition. It takes 3000 (and I would have to have 12,000 fuel to do this because of the 25% of total resources rule) fuel on my end to give them 1000 since the logistical cost of smuggling in that kind of material would be so high. Also create a 1.5x longer wait time on that from a regular trade inter coalition. i think this would create a cool dynamic for those who like to sneak around. That is my 2 cents.

  • This sounds like a great idea. Often my allies ask me do I have lets say rare materials and they put a buy offer up then I sell to them. But this is just frankly a lot cooler and better. It would be interesting.

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