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    • [Concept] Map Editor


      This is a big thing to code - I guess - and the game isn't focused on Role Play, but maybe it's a good idea to preserve game 'freshness' by giving players some tools, that allow them to contribute to game evolution and to create custom scenarios. So let's say it's a concept for a distant future, because as long as I read forum, I see there are more important things to do at the moment. By the way, I feel that change will touches that mysterious and scary 'Legacy Code'. Poor chances, but - never know. 8)

      So I propose:

      1) New map type : Role Play (with Game Masters) and/or Custom Map (without Game Masters after game published)

      2) Game Master (GM) mode /role:
      a) Sees and controls all countries, all armies (all 'invisibles') at once, including rogue states,
      b) Can build any structure in any country (instantly, no resources)
      c) Can produce any unit in any city (instantly, no resources)
      ( So, in some situations GM behaves like he has unlimited gold)
      d) Every movement order is reach it's destination almost instantly.
      e) Can switch ownership of any city or a province - this is essential tool in making a scenario.
      f) Can kick player out of scenario (to change player also if he's won't play any longer, or taken wrong country by mistake)
      g) Can simulate effect of conventional cruise missile explosion everywhere - penalty system.
      h) Export/Import map configuration file - to easy save/load/restore/upgrade scenario in the future.
      i) Can set type of resources/morale/population level in a city or a province.
      j) Lock/Unlock technologies (live, as a form of event).
      k) Set researched technologies to particular nation.
      l) Can let in more Game Masters - as an assistant, some help in scenario creation.
      m) Can delete any unit.
      n) Sees every spy
      o) ...

      3) Map preparation stage.
      a) Game time is frozen, until GM finish editing.

      4) Map launch stage
      After edit is finished, GM publishes a map and time is flowing again. Scenario is now open to people.

      5)Game master role after game is published
      a) Still sees all countries, all armies
      b) Movement actions now affected by normal time flow.
      c) Can support ai countries only or rogue states, can also move directly their units (which ai must respect).

      Less important tools:

      6) Set custom name and flag to countries.
      7) Turn off default victory condition and set winner manually.

      - Game master cannot play any country, he's more like shadow if it's Role Play map.
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    • This is one of my dreams.

      However, let's be a bit pragmatical, this is totally beyond the range of any "possible".

      Huge, overwhelming cost (in dev manpower, code modifications or expansions), for a small to insignificant income :/
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • This would be a great idea but it would be, as Opulon said, a great amount of resources used for small outcome.

      Also this would definitely touch the 'legacy code' and we don't want that!
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    • Well - tbh many of these features (by far not all though) are already at the disposal of the GM.

      So we COULD set up a Games Master as an event on a large map and give it certain rules to function.

      I'd rather treat this as an RP event because of the load of work involved.

      Nice idea efreet! +1

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