Revise suggestions for Turkish

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    • Revise suggestions for Turkish

      I see some mistakes in the Turkish interface and game. Here they are:

      • On the rank menu (Sıralama), there is this phrase: “Katıldığın Oyunlar”, the correct one must be “Katıldığı Oyunlar”
      • On the market menu (Pazar in Turkish), these words are in english, their translation should be like these: Supplies (Kaynaklar), Components (Bileşenler), Rare Material (Nadir Malzemeler), Fuel (Yakıt), Electronics (Elektronik),
      • In the game, under the “Etkinlikler” title, it’s written “XXX: Arms Industry completed. It should be Silah Sanayii tamamlandı.
      • Territory conquered. We conquered X from Y. TRANSLATION: Bölge fethedildi. X'i Y'den fethettik.
      • Our first tank division has eliminated x's second tank division. TRANSLATION: Birinci tank bölüğümüz, X'in 2. tank bölüğünü yok etti.
      • I can help to translate everything into turkish if you want, but ı dont want to write all because you might not be consider this :) Let me know