Can someone explain missles research to me?

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    • Can someone explain missles research to me?

      I see there is research for Ballistic warhead right away. What does this get me? can I produce a missile of any value with this? Or is it a stepping stone research?

      and also I see in the research that strike fighters have the ability to launch 1 cruise missile every 12 hours!? I built one and I don't see that it can do that. The research is way out on day 21 for cruise missles and I am on day 4 and 5 with my two games.

      If anyone has the experience to elaborate on missile research and what it can do for you, please share. I would also appreciate anyone that shares their research strategy. To give an idea of where I am coming from: I have recently been playing Call of War, and the resources and manpower in this game are soo much more limiting. Units are getting precious. I can hardly build 1 to two units at a time now. Annexing is new to me, and it is not nearly as important as I though it would be because I can in no way keep producing units in the army bases I already have. Thanks.
    • First you will need to know the difference between the warhead and the actual missile.
      Warheads is more like the ammo while the missile is the thing that you launch and go boom.

      You will need to research the warheads first (Guided missile program, chem program and nuke program) to allow you to produce the warheads. However, you cannot launch any warheads if you haven't researched one of the missile types

      The Guided Missile Program will allow you to build conventional warheads
      Chem programs and nuke programs will allow you to build chemical and nuke warheads

      After you researched the warheads, you should try to research one of the missile types; Cruise missile, Ballistic missile and ICBMs.
      Once you done researched the missile type and have some warheads ready, you should be able to launch it from units. Now remember, not all units can launch the missiles.

      Strike fighters for example are capable of launching cruise missiles but they can't do it if you don't have enough warhead or haven't researched the missile type. Also they got limit on how many missiles they can launch per few hours but they'll eventually able to fire again.

      Cruise missiles is the short range missile type. Ballistics are medium range while ICBMs are... well... ICBMs.
      Please note that using nuke and chems will cause contamination and the owner of the contaminated city/province have to clean it up.

      Also, annexing is important. Unlike Call of War, you can only build and mobilize troops in cities which means if all of your cities are conquered or destroyed; you are screwed since only cities will give resources while normal provinces will only give money and manpower. By annexing the cities, you can start constructing buildings and mobilize troops from that annexed cities and annexed cities morale is able to go higher than 50%

      Hope this helps. I'm bad at explaining XD