Kingdom of Nelva [Education, Valiance, Kindness]

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    • Kingdom of Nelva [Education, Valiance, Kindness]

      I hesitated for quite a long time before deciding to establish a presentation topic for my alliance. Two reasons for that : 1°) We don't need it. 2°) There is a symbolic show of support for the game in the act. Supremacy is my cradle, and i remain cautious, after the "adventures" of 30K and NWE. However, it has been nearly a year since CoN appeared on the radar, and i can say with a spirited confidence that CoN evolves for the better. I feel that the approach of "hearing complaints, feedback" while not "obeying to the community", and being open to discuss the fact that a company needs to grow and be profitable, will lead to an super balance between business and user aspects. After all, it is a Free 2 play. Not the charity.

      For an alliance, to be on a game is pretty much to accept to be a country, under the laws of a godly Empire. If suddenly God decides that blood will rain, then blood will rain, and an alliance can only decide to live under the rain and accept it, or to leave for another sphere, and another God. Through our prayers, of course, we hope for the rain to stop, and we pray for plentiful harvests, in order to live in prosperity. So, here we go :

      Kingdom of Nelva
      (Nelva Task Force : 2007-2009
      Nelva Alliance : 2009-2013
      Kingdom of Nelva : 2013-20XX)

      Constitutional Monarchy - "Education, Valiance, Kindness"
      Hymn : Mussorgsky's promenade Pictures at an Exhibition

      (From our Supremacy Description) : Nelva is an alliance opened to the world, based on the individual responsability in self-accomplishment. Underlying ideology : it's in the happiness of the members that can be created the energy and activity to create projects. In conclusion, the governement must work first to the happiness of its population, and second only for the alliance growth.

      Nelva spans an active population of 32 active (connected and speaking daily), 5 passive (not active right now, for example for a long time trip, they come occasionally, like once a week), 10 "near earth objects" (Old citizens that departed for a long time, remain citizens per services, and tend to become again active members after sometimes one year of absence), and a small dozen of foreign agents. Globally, we are an "expanded" community of 60 people, with a sister nation, playing other games, and ruled by other people, of ~30 people. We may not play with them, but they are our "kin", and we share most of our values (with time, sadly, what must happen will happen, and our cultures will drift apart).

      The Kingdom is ruled under a constitution that was first enacted in 2015, and revised approximately once per year, to mirror the social evolutions and needs of the alliance. The consitution states the basic roles of how the governement is composed and works, what are his duties, and his limits. Nothing Fancy :

      The Citizens are the living heart of the Kingdom. They train, they fight, they debate, and they live in our community. Nelva has (last census : December 2017) an average age of 30 years old (i'm 25 myself.), and so enjoys a great diversity of skills, life experience, and also faith. "In 2010, there were many things i was considering i was the only one able to do. In 2018, there are many things i would fail to do the tenth of what our citizens do."
      Our youngest citizen is 16 years old, and our oldest citizen is 71 years old. We are French, but the absolute majority of our members speak english, some germans, some turk, some Malay even.

      The Civil Servants, Commanders, and Knights, are that part of the citizens that, through their personalities, can be qualified, one way or another, of being an "elite". Maybe because they are in real life accountants, or managers, (or for one, Quarterback of a Football team ---> Yeah, we play it in France ;) ), their personalities make them very important for specific parts of the alliance daily running, or growth.

      The Government is composed from people that can dedicate a regular time to the alliance services, and they are managed by, of course, the King, which is as much a president than a prime minister. Beside the constitution that put hard limits to our powers, the King is before all the guardian of ethics. This role especially is visible in the recruitment and the social lines of the alliance. To summarise it : following the good old motto that it's more desirable to have your ennemies at your gates than in your walls, he ensures that every individual that damages the power of the alliance (or its prosperity) without hope of "getting better" will be dealt with swiftly.

      I colored those blocks in Blue, White and Yellow, in order to explain a bit our flag.

      While the King and Governement are central, they are circled by the laws which are all to it. The Citizens, both above and below, are the alliance as a whole.

      The Royal arms are a Golden Stag on a blue field, with the motto "Stat honora dum volvitur orbis" (The world changes but honor stands)

      It has been our flag since the establishment of the Kingdom. Sometimes we use it in coalitions. I have the arrogance to think that Nelva troops fight better under this flag, but that they use it only when a traitor or something of the kind legitimates it. Beyond the flag, the most important thing for the alliance is embodied through the national Motto : Education, Valiance, Kindness.

      In a few words :

      Education : Be humble even if you are a master. Learn and Evolve.
      Valiance : Fight. Don't let jerks win without the fight of their life. Smile to the braves.
      Kindness : Don't be a jerk. Lend your Valiance to those who may be too weak to defend against jerks.

      The choice of the Stag as a royal emblem echoes those values (and has nothing to do with Game of Thrones ;) ) :

      In the Christian Universe of Myths and Symbol, the Stag as an animal is the paragon of the fight against evil (Serpent). We do not know precisely the origin of this symbolism, but the most probable is that the Stag was a very important part of Celtic culture, due to nearly all of its body being used by the Celts, either to eat, heat themselves, or protecting them from the cold. This central place of the Deer in their daily life, as well as the importance of the hunt in the spirituality, probably was assimilated by Christianity when it fought pagan religions.

      This symbol remains, as well as the serpent, for example on the sigil of the Knights of Nelva, dedicated to Valiance.

      "A Bit of Steel, A lot of Blood, and mountains of hate" - Motto of the Knights.
      Every day, be it through governement, or martial training, bringing the fight to traitors, and others of the kind, is the social fuel of the alliance. We do not "hate" them that much, it's just that they are a very convenient enemy, and they are perfect to develop
      empathy, bravery, and a strong sense of "military determination" in the minds and hearts of any citizen (especially the new ones !). Especially when Nelva fighters are defeated on the field of battle by such people, the shockwave is enough to motivate the alliance into great surges of "boost". One may accept defeat, it's the path to mastery, but One should not accept to remain defeated by traitors. And through anger, the juice of training, organisation, expansion, militarisation, may flow. It's a small world, people will encounter themselves again and again.

      For the others that beat Nelvas "plain and simple, honorably", on the field, it's pretty simple : we try to make friends and keep them as contacts. Two people can fight themselves and be good friends, if they share values. Their confrontation will benefit the two. This is when we don't outright propose them to join Nelva, of course, haha.

      Ultimately, as any alliance, we want to endure and grow. The tool to do that may be a bit original, but it works. (and has worked for 10 years. Traitors are pretty much a renewable resource, and they often are very obliged to insult, taunt, and such things that are perfect for the education and "determination". Revanchism, ha. It's something we french know well)

      mid-2014 War Propaganda, in the midst of a War against a Wolfpack-Traitor alliance, to honor all the Nelva recruits that launched themselves in the bloody fight without a second thought. Some are commanders, in 2018.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • The alliance tries to develop its services and its military organisation through skills, tech, and administration. We use discord extensively, as well as any API to services that can be profitable to us (Bytro API please ? Dorado Games API, pleeaaaaase ? :D), from and to our website.

      Nelva four branches of martial training. (Military, Economy, Diplomacy, Leadership [Commanding other players]). The written education is validated on the field, either through training with masters, either directly in operations.

      Related Nelva Ranks, used for military task forces, mentoring organisation, and military staff organisation. Our ranks are based only on Supremacy, for now.

      Citizenship is a right, but Service Guarantees Knightship, Would you like to know more ?

      Joke apart ( i love this movie), Nelva tries to have a very solid military structure, that allows for many activities or pleasures within the community. Be it through Cinelva (a film streamed on our website, while people are watching it together on the discord), through intern games (on CoN, Supremacy, or others), our Stellaris/Hearts of Iron 4/ Europa Universalis IV multiplayer games, we strive to be the closest to what could be called a "cultural great power" within our French community.

      One revised draft of the constitution (don't worry, won't make you read it, hahahaha)

      Eye Candy - 2017 Nelva Marks. (Used for some RP)

      Ok, i may understand it's a bit "stocky", and you don't see what i do want with this topic. Well, first of all, let's just say Nelva isn't really looking for new recruits, except if some very special skills are encountered.
      - We are seeking for someone with a refined taste in the musical and poetic arts, someone that would have the refinement to help the alliance grow culturally. In an Utopia, we would find a composer.
      - We are seeking for someone with an interest in front development. Our back-dev is doing what he can in cooperation with our designer, but a front dev would help greatly for our projects
      - We are seeking for someone with a refined taste in graphical arts. Our designer, who is an illustrator and painter, has the bad habit to make long trips to China :D
      - We are seeking for someone with an experience of psychology, to assist with our interior ministery (Basically, we want to expand our social corps, the one that helps to mediate internal conflicts and prevent/understand the exterior ones)
      We do not seek challenges yet, too. For one reason : Actually, the alliance as a whole played 2 intern games of CoN. It leaded to 25% (9 people) of the alliance becoming regular players of CoN. I want to make the hybridation between Supremacy and CoN, but it will be done through time and patience. For an unknown reason, it seems that our Supremacy players find MUCH MORE pleasure in playing Conflict of Nations, than Call of War.

      What we seek, right now, is to reestablish diplomatical and cultural links with "the outside". People that played Supremacy usually know of what i speak : the decline and agony of the alliance world, that leaded to the fall of embassies and representations. As CoN is growing right (and better than Call of War, at least for Nelva objectives), We want to welcome new cultural trends and ideas. For that, we created a system of "guests" within our Discord, to allow for non-citizens to take part, as they wish, to our community life.

      In other terms, if you are an alliance or an entity that wishes to establish an embassy or a presence within an active community, we will be more than happy to provide an access to our discord, and exhange with you. We would be very obliged to learn from you. In the same way, if you have a Discord and accept foreign emissaries, we would be very obliged to establish a formal presence within your walls. If you are alone but still want to enjoy the city of Nelva without paying taxes or such, we can talk of it too.

      You don't have to worry about the "baguettes" everywhere. We can speak french and english. And our emissaries will speak english.

      Anyway, Nelva wants to develop a bit more toward CoN with time, in order to be less focused on one game, and expand its growth opportunities. Don't hesitate to contact us (well, me, in the matter, through private message) if this kind of exhange interests you.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • Wow @Opulon, that is a lot of absorb. And I will certainly come back and read it all and try to understand it.
      I am assuming your Alliance is more about the role playing aspect and in this sense is larger than the games you play in?

      I was planning to ask you for a challenge match, but from skimming, I just noticed you clearly said you are not seeking one.
      But if the time comes when you would like to play an exhibition match, let me know :)
    • We are more a "general purpoose" alliance. We participated in the last french tournament in supremacy and had a great fun in it. We are not full competitive, but our "Leadership" Training course is basically "Understand Order, Follow Orders, Give orders" closely related to team play and challenges. Let's just say that for Nelva, the competitive aspect of the game (be it CoN or Supremacy) is very close to the fight against traitors and such, in terms of military efficiency. Team Play is great at every level of warfare.

      About RP, it's the "cherry on the cake", i would say. All the sigils, medals, etc... help with the patriotism and military dedication, which have social benefits

      (I don't show you the part of the list where we lost :D)

      But i think it's sufficient to say that "we do play competitively, from time to time".

      The only reason i say we are not seeking challenges is because most of the alliance plays challenges on Supremacy, and too few players play CoN for the governement to dedicate himself to challenges in CoN (because of all it means, in terms of data, training, organisation, etc. It's like steering a big ship).

      It's the thing i want to change, with time. At some point, the alliance will want (and need) to duplicate its military structure on CoN. And that day, we will need someone to kick our ass to set an "alpha setting" for our training, lol ! So yeah, i will definitly accept an exhibition match at that point ^^
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • We are happy to announce that we are currently sparring with Graywolf, an alliance whose cultural values are very close to us, and it's an honor to learn the game (and get our ass kicked, haha) thanks to them.

      We have 2 challenges going. Once they are finished (which won't take long), we'll do 2 mores. Maybe with Graywolf, if they are not bored of young alliances (^^) or with another.

      Now, as it is customary for us, a bit of self-mockery :…vs6-as-it-really-happened

      The second is in french, sadly :p.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • We will most definitely, once we'll be able to play Elite challenges.

      Actually, the sum of points of all our members is under 75K points :p
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • Nelva teams played well, and I, on behalf of Graywolf, can admit that they are not "unexperienced" or born-yesterday players. The struggle degree in the matches can compete with TLL match. In two matches, ı observed a serious fight till the last breath.

      And I happily can call Nelva our sister alliance, or as Opulon preferred, partner :)
    • Happy to see they defended the "Valiance" part of our motto. Still getting the "Education" Part :D.

      But yes, it's a pleasure to see this kind of matches. On the challenge we are losing, the Nelvas are learning many things, and try to fight until the end (but they are cornered like Foxes ,hahaha )

      On the challenge we are winning, it's a pleasure to see battles "to the last man". On supremacy, we are too used to team that rage quit once one front is pierced. Decker killed Nelva troops to the freaking last artillery :D
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • Our two challenges with Graywolf are now finished.

      The Stag of Nelva and The Wolf of Graywolf sparred in two challenges, 5 vs 5 and 6 vs 6, in order to get the most of the migration. Nelva had 16 volunteers from Supremacy willing to test the challenges and oh boy, did it worked !

      The fight was ruthless and quick, and we finish with a ... draw. 1-1, thanks for the deads :D

      joke apart, those challenges were a blast, and will lead (at least, it's what i will soon propose to GW) to an extensive cooperation between our two alliances.

      We will iterate on this success to develop our relationship with the Rainmen, as a new friendly challenge will begin this afternoon.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • My, My. It has been more than a year. We should post at least yearly to remind that we are not dead :D.

      What has changed since the last post ?

      2 challenges played ---> 14 challenges played (we stick to the "one per month" untold rule that many alliances follow)
      16 citizens --> 30 citizens. Total citizens (with Supremacy only players included ) : 40 active citizens.

      As we are used to, we saw several alliances die, and others being created, in this time period. The 11 th of November, we celebrated our 6th birthday on Bytro Games, and in early 2019, the 10 th birthday of our alliance (all games included). We continue to grow with the continued trust that despite past golden ages, the best is in front of us, and will be achieved through hard work.

      So, to make a bit of propaganda, here is the HoI4esque (and a bit Roleplay) version of our country.

      Capital : Ishotii (Roleplay from 2009)
      Population : 80 000 000 (1 member : 2 m. The alliance world has ~1000 people in it, so i like to think our alliance world has ~2 billion people RP speaking )
      Government : Constitutional Monarchy / His Majesty's Government
      Language : French (Official) / English (Secondary + Foreign Affairs)
      Symbol : the Deer. "He who hunts the evil snake".

      The Kingdom of Nelva is a wealthy and prosperous old nation, rooted in Bytro Games, and especially Supremacy1914, that began to migrate to CoN in September 2018. While the weather and climate of the new CoN Lands is more suited to comfortable human life (Dorado management for the win), Old cities and deep ties are kept in the Supremacy Lands, and young Nelva citizens routinely get to the universities of old to learn about history and culture.

      Being both a young nation on CoN, and a very old nation on Bytro's games, the Kingdom of Nelva tries to make the best of both worlds : its willingness to grow, experiment, discover uncharted areas, and its long experience of proper management, nation building, and diplomacy.

      Nelva keeps an average-sized military force, as Old Age made Nelva mostly Pacifist (= Not Focused on Competition) . Instead, Nelva military is focused around "healthy bodies in healthy minds" : Martial Arts and Martial training are needed to defend cultural values, and help establish social peace. It's good to seek to get better in military areas just for the sake of self-improvment, humility, and interactions with other alliances.

      National Spirits :

      - Ideals of Transparency
      • Trade Laws Cost: -25%
      • Mobilization Laws Cost: -25%
      • Economy Cost: -25%
      • Political Advisor Cost: -25%
      • Foreign subversive activities efficiency: +25%
      "Even to foreign emissaries, no government place is secret in the administration of Nelva. Decisions are taken in the open. This disallows for covert operations and puts at risk some important informations, but Citizens and Recruit are encouraged to take part into all discussions related to the Alliance. As a result, collective intelligence is used to integrate people and demonstrate their value as individual minds. "

      - Legacy of Supremacy1914
      • Medium Artillery Attack : +5%
      • Motorised Artillery Attack : +10%
      • Rocket Artillery Attack : +10%

      "When you kill 20 units per successful hit&run, and the stack in front of you has 2000 units, it's not long before hit&run and artilleries become engraved in your mind. On CoN, most things die if they are shelled for 10 hours".

      - Proponent of Bilateralism

      • Ideology Drift Defense : +10%
      • Daily Political Power : -15%

      "We've seen enough Tyrans throughout the years to recognise them. All alliances are sovereign, whatever the cultural differences. We are forced to coexist, or, at the very worst, ignore each other. If Alliances have a grudge, it's up to them to solve it bilaterally, or to ask by themselves external help. No one can force upon them anything against their sovereignty"

      - His Majesty Government

      • Weekly Stability : +0.2 / week
      • Construction Speed : +10%
      "In the Purest French Tradition, nearly 25% of the alliance citizens are, one way or another, working for the State. Ministers, Civil Servants, or Special Missions. If one individual wants to help, the Kingdom always has work to improve, build, or fix"

      - Failed English-speaking citizens integration

      • Recruitable Population Factor : -33%
      • Resource Gain Efficiency : -5%
      "Despite all Efforts, the English population in Nelva doesn't rise above 5%. They are a minority and it's unlikely their number will grow. As a result, Recruitment opportunities are reduced to french-speaking only. Internationalisation of Games made harder to recognise french-speaking people outside of Flashpoint maps"

      - Highly Active Discord

      • Consumer Goods Factories: -5%
      • Factory Output: +10%

      "With occasional peaks of 7k messages a day, and a average activity of 2k messages a day, "quiet" days of Nelva are sometimes more active than the busiest days of some alliances. As a result, every subject, every matter, every problem, is met with decisive energy and the ability to react timely to many things"

      - Rainmen/Phantom Kommando/Wolf Family/We the People/Trinity Central Division Cultural Exhanges

      • Research Time : -5%
      • Trade Relations: +10%

      [i]"Some say investing time to discuss with other alliances of their problems (and your own problems) is a waste of time. We know better. If we have a problem, it's virtually certain others have encountered it. If we are kind and willing to help with our knowledge, they will surely answer in kind with their own Wisdom."[/i]

      - Lessons of the Phantom Kommando Challenge

      • Land Doctrine Research Speed: +20%
      • Naval Doctrine Research Speed: -10%
      • Max Planning: +10%

      "Nelva suffered defeats, and is used to them. However, no challenge, either played or observed, demonstrated so much how much we still have to learn. Nelva troops weren't beaten : they were obliterated by an opponent that knew everything better, from economy to planning, industry and meta. It has been called, since, the "best defeat" Nelva ever suffered. Ironically, Nelva military desires to challenge PK again. we know that the gap is still big, but we want to measure what is left."


      Here you go. A bit of recent propaganda :D
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.

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