Having constantly war with rogue state

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    • Having constantly war with rogue state

      I, and probably everyone, have this problem. Even if we completely clear rogues from our region, it doesnt disappear. In some games, it does but mostly ı am at war with these damned rogues :)
      I know it's difficult to determine the strict rules because they seem one body around the world, but after eliminating them, ı should have right to have the peace status :)
    • To prevent Rogue State war, don't over extend your attacking. Yes, I know it slows you down and everybody wants to conquer a nation in 1 day, but I have changed my style to not have more than 3 burning provinces deep into a nation from my border and don't let your morale dip below 70% or those three won't stop smoking. I leave my advancing force in the third province till all territories back to my non smoking provinces, stop smoking, then advance again. It's more important to attack in line rather than do the blitz to a city and disregard the surrounding provinces now. It's also important to have only 1 war at a time. When another nation is making wide advances, time to do Intel mission with lowering morale behind their forces to make them halt and handle the insurgents.
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