Make MRLs great again

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    • Make MRLs great again

      I mean this is just ridiculous. If you look at the stats of the MRL compared to the mobile artillery (especially the European doctrine), the MRL is nowhere near as good as the mobile artillery. The mobile artillery (European Doctrine) stats at level 1 is 3.5 damage to infantry and 4 damage to armoured. The MRL on the other hand, does the same damage to infantry but does 3.5 damage to armoured which is 0.5 hp less than the mobile artillery. The mobile arty also moves faster and can defend better against ground attacks from enemy units than the MRL. The only thing that the MRL is better at than the mobile arty for European doctrine is the range, which barely makes any difference. I just feel that it is ridiculous that the MRL in real life that is so devastating is this weak in this game. Remember that the mobile arty only needs a level 2 army base while the MRL needs a lvl 4 army base. With those stats, it is just not worth to build MRLs in games anymore. I remember back in March 2017 where MRLs where given to Japan when you first started and they just destroyed infantry from 150 range. And that was only level 1. Even at Level 5 (the max level for MRLs) currently, it cannot reach the range that it could attack from back in March 2017 at level 1 (125 vs 150). It just doesn't make sense to me why it was nerfed this badly. We need to change this and make MRLs not overpowered but where it can actually compete as a viable option in the game. I suggest that we increase the damage to both infantry and armoured units by 1 dmg and increase its maximum range at level 5 to 150 where it can outrange the mobile arty by quite a huge margin. I believe that this change could possibly make it more used (if it is used at all since I have played in 83 games and only saw them in 2 games) and a bit more interesting as commanders have to now factor in the fact that high damage arty units could hit them from afar. Commanders would now have to research more into radars and stuff that can detect troops (such as the AWACS and mobile radar. You hardly see them in games) so that their units don't get destroyed from MRLs.
    • Actually it can compete just fine. That's why it's balanced this way and we ain't changing it.

      You want cheap anti-soft arty? Use Towed.
      You want frontline anti-armor arty? Use Mobile.
      You want both in one with added range but generally somewhat less precision? Use MLRS.

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    • I think the MLRS are perfect as long as you keep them from a distance The MLRS are supposed to soften the enemy line up not to conquer a nation
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    • It had to be nerfed, I remember 2 games I played after having it done against me once, 3 MRLS, 1 TDS and 1 Infantary as 1 unit stack, build 5 of em and you rick rolled a country. Nothing could stop it.
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