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    • GENERAL UPDATE (180328)

      Dear players,
      Our first update post Steam launch mainly addresses issues that popped up both, in the Steam client and in the browser version. Besides critical issues that have been reported by the community, we also fixed several issues related to ingame notifications.
      Updates and Fixes
      • Fixed notification issues related to combat, defeat/victory conditions, and coalition leave/kick events for all languages
      • Fixed issue with missiles not launching from aircraft
      • Fixed issue where aircraft that received a fire missile command returned to base instead of launching the missile
      • Fixed issue where ships with missile capabilities would attack the closest target instead of the designated one when given the order to launch missile
      • Fixed issue with broken messages in team/alliance games.
      • Fixed issue with notifications displaying the wrong position for hostile units attacking AA units.
      • Fixed issue with notifications not displaying when shelling targets with Artillery/Navy units.
      • Fixed issue with notifications not displaying when a missile hits its target but does not kill it.
      • Updated Eastern Multiple Rocket Launcher portrait images.
      • Fixed issue with unresponsive Home button after completing tutorial.
      • Added clear "Exit" button to Steam client interface and "Esc" shortcut to close the game.
      // Your CoN Team