Tired of players dropping out, are Alliance games the answer?

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    • Tired of players dropping out, are Alliance games the answer?

      I'm tired of games turning into a race to see who can defeat AI opponents fastest due to players dropping out so quickly. I want diplomacy and strategy to matter a bit more. At this point I am trying to decide if I join an Alliance or stop playing CON all together.

      Thoughts from the community?
    • Hi @atmcfall,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Player activity is a tricky situation to tackle in realtime strategy, especially since our games span over days/weeks/months instead of the hour or two. Add the factor of free to play and potential real-life intrusions and as a result you can see players drop out causing a bit of a ripple effect. With all this being said, we have some plans for tackling this which may or may not be coming later in the year.

      To answer your question, we have very active alliances who are dedicated in their goal to victory. The Alliance recruitment sections in the forum and Discord will welcome you with open arms.

      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

    • Atm message me if you wish to join myself and some fellow alliance members in a 64 player 4x battle, we can sorta evaluate each other, we are currently on a 10 battle winning streak and I've won 17 out of 26 so far in my short life with CON, I have 3 other excellent players that will join us, planning on the Middle or so of November to look for a game, thanks.!