[Feature Request]: Mine Fields

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    • [Feature Request]: Mine Fields

      Hey, so while playing the game, I got the idea of a new building type: Mine Fields!

      You can build them in provinces (but not cities) at levels 1, 2, or 3. When enemy troops land in on the province, the mines will explode and deal damage to the invading troops, the amount depending on the level of mine field. Once they explode, they will disappear and you will have to rebuild them again. Mine fields are invisible on the map, of course!

      I find that this would be extremely useful for defense against invaders, and will add another dimension of skill to the game. Let me know what you think!

      P.S.: Maybe with this, you can add a special type of unit that detects and removes mine fields. Hmmm...
    • I greatly agree with you and the Minefields i would also suggest tunnels many nations and militia such as North Korea, Vietnam, Izz Ad Din Al-Qassam brigades, Hezbollah, Ahrar al-sham, FSA, Iraqi Insurgents

      Then the Developers could design a new page in the research which would allow you to research Bombs like Heat Seeker, Guided missile's, tunnel busters, etc.
      من المبالغة أن ندعو إعلان حماس والجهاد الإسلامي عن تحالف عسكري. إنها رسالة بأن شعبنا متحد في وجه العدوان الإسرائيلي - أحمد ياسين

    • It is possible to specialize mines: Ship mines, tank mines, infantry mines. I don´t think there are air mines. In this way, players could force their opponents to not use special kind of troops on a street, at least those that cant´t be transported by helicopters. For example a tank mine field, which would damage tanks, while infantry could pass without a problem. Another problem is that you can´t move minefields, therefore they would be no troops, but something similar to roads, fortifications or an field airstrip. Such a minefield could be build and destroyed. How do you detect minefields? As far as I knew, there are special new troops or known troops, which could acquire that feature. I guess, if such a troop would step into an area with a minefield, the whole stack would slow down to speed 0.22 and the health of the minefield would start to deteriorate. After the minefield is gone or the troops have left the area, the speed would be the normal one. Important: Your own tanks would slow down too, while passing your own anti-tank minefield. If your opponent has no troop with that special feature they would stop, get only a small damage and wait a few minutes. The minefield would get a small damage too. You can command the troops to move deeper into the minefield, but only for a short time until the minefield gets active again. This way you could force your troops throw the minefield or turn around and find another way.

      What would that feature change in the game?

      1) You have to guess what troops your opponent will use to attack you.
      2) Your opponent will try to bomb your minefields.
      3) Automated playing is at a disadvantage.

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    • hi,
      just found this topics.

      Any comments on building likes "mine fields".
      Would be great for all the SIM City players amoung us.

      There could be even a new units. Military engeneer...which needs a deploy time to defuse the mine field(similar to paratroops when landing).
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