Premature Ending in Deadline 4x game

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  • Premature Ending in Deadline 4x game


    I'm not sure if this has been reported before, but in game 2308717, the game ended very prematurely, at about 19:00 (in-game time) on day 11. This was about 24 (real-life) hours ago as of this posting.

    This game was part of the Deadline 4x special event in which the game ends after day 40. For some reason it ended in the middle of the day on day 11.

    Did the developers end this game intentionally because of a fatal flaw in the game, or is this just a bug? Can an attempt be made to resume the game where it left off, or is this impossible? Have any other games had this problem, in the special event or otherwise?

    It's kindof a bummer that I didn't get to finish my invasion or long term plans, but at least I don't have to log into it anymore. I am free now! :P