Unit healing

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    • Unit healing

      Regarding to my observations healing seems to happen twice a day, for half of the daily rate each time, at least in cities.

      Though the exact time seems to vary depending on the map.

      I guess that is done to lower the 'stress' for the servers, because not every unit needs to get healed at the same time.

      Though this mechanic lacks any kind of transperancy and it is kind of annoying to have to figure out when the healing happens.

      It would be helpful, if units would get a healing timer displayed, while they are stationed in a city or a province with a field hospital.

      By the way does this mechanic work for ships the same way? Do you have to station your ships twice a day at the shore for the full daily healing amount?

      Also the wiki states, that ships heal for 2 HP per day. But regarding to a forum search it seems a carrier heals for 5 HP? Does a cruiser heal for a higher amount too?

      Anyway best in my eyes would be, if units would gradually heal over time, similar to how resource production works, that way you can see yourunits getting healed and would not have to wait for specific healing ticks to occur.
    • Two times a day is correct - we can change it obviously. This was done a year ago and if you prefer larger or smaller increments we can gladly discuss it.

      This also goes for ships - and no, carriers do not get a bonus (that's just superstition :)

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    • This topic is more about the fact, that it is not obvious, when healing will occur and that is varies from map to map makes it even less transparent.

      Also if you ask in chat, some mods will answers, that healing happens at day change, which is obviously not true anymore.

      If healing would occur every hour, it surely make it more transparent and understandable, even more for new players. Also you could use your troops for flexible, because you don't have to be at a certain place at the right time for the healing.

      Regarding ships:
      Okey, then I misinterpreted it, as it seems. Then I wish to add, that 2 HP healing per day seems to be very low for ships like cruisers or carriers which tend to have up to 75 or even 150 HP. A carrier would need about 75 days for a full healing at this rate.

      I would hope for something like 5% of max HP healing for ships, it would be still far slower than any land unit would heal. Even a max tank need only about 10 days in a maxed hospital. Currently ships feel heavily disadvantaged because of this low recovery rate, even more compared to airplanes.

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    • Just discussed it - it needs some refactoring of old code, but it's really minor and will be added in one of the coming updates - SOON(tm). I personally like the idea of it growing per hour much more.

      In the meantime - units are actually NOT healing at daychange and daychange +12h : instead the system uses the actual map starting time as zero hours. That may explain some of the confusion.

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