The Dont's of CON for newbies

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    • thchozen0ne wrote:

      5) Only annex cities if you need to produce troops more quickly and you have a surplus of resources to do it. If after a city has produced a unit, and you have to wait for a while to get the resources to produce another unit, chances are you don't need to annex any cities. To do so requires a lot of resources!

      Okay there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are a landlocked country who has expanded and wants to produce naval units, of course you need to annex a coastal city. Or like when I was South Korea and I was always low on fuel. I would have to annex fuel cities (after building level 5 arms industries of course) in order to sustain a reasonable fuel flow.

      You should also use annexe to close your production gaps:

      You need more electronics, that you can produce? Annexe cities with electronic production.

      Also cities with the "2x" sign you should pretty much always annexe, because they produce double amount of resources, so annexing gives there a better return.
    • Good write up... but...

      3. Don't waste resources on missiles early game. It's a waste.

      - this is a hot topic, but for some players they are a goto-tech, especially if you are a) golding b) facing an opponent with armor or navy
      4. Don't get province upgrades in early game. It's just a waste.

      - this I would never sign, as amortization is king. There is of course a trade-off, but with our update coming out today and the fact that you can easily double your critical resource output from provincial resources, this could be the tipping point.

      6. Build Army Base 1s and Arms Industries at the start.

      - Let's not forget the Recruiting Offices - especially on the new FLASHPOINT map, where the National Guard is pre-researched.

      13. Don't research nuclear weapons. Chemical and Conventional Missiles are cheaper and also do the job.

      - True, but to a lesser degree. And nothing deters other hostile players like an early nuke ;)
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    • Always a fun topic.

      I tend to notice that those who post in CON on day 1 and gone by the end of the week.

      For me, I was playing in a 4x game as Australia and experimenting with playing with JUST marines, bombers, cruise missile nukes (my counts-as arty) and fighter planes with a few token subs.

      I merged coalitions with another SE / Asian group and it was China, Japan, Myanmar, and myself Australia and we quickly dominated our area. I moved to take all the islands everywhere as forward bases for the group (it was a back-burner game for me and I was playing support) and I took Madagascar.

      Suadi Arabia complained that I was in his 'Sphere of Influence' even though he barely controlled a dozen cities. I told him I planned on putting nukes there. So he declared war on us and had his coalition members do so.

      By the end of the game day, my Marines had beached and walked to his capital.

      I posted that my 'Sphere of Influence' not included the golden toilets of the royal palace.

      Then told him I took his capital, took his dignity, and one of his members (Algeria) switched sides.

      After that, we dominated the game and I just played around as we all took the top positions.

      My problem is in being sleepy sometimes and waging war with a 'dark nation' because it looked like Insurgents. Similar color schemes...and all cities look alike to me.
    • I like to build in each of my cities before moving out, each city has 3x arty, 3x motorized infantry, 1 AA, 1 AFV, 1 CRV (this prevents home city over run, if there is an approaching unit break the armored and infantry off to stall the advancing unit and give the artillery more time to weaken it.) If I can create in all my cities, then I create the armored units geared at conquering (1 MBT, 1 CRV, 1 AA, 1 SAM, 1 Mech Inf or 1 Spec Ops). I like to have at least 3 armored divisions before moving out. Then I start on my Air, starting with 1 Air Sup Fighter and 1 Strike fighter. I morph those as I can build into 3 air wings of 2x Air Sup and 3x Strike Fighters to support the 3 armored divisions.

      If r/w for r/w is given, i include these conditions: You must warn me before you move a unit through my land, and If ANY units sits in my land, that is considered an act of war.

      Never leave your homeland empty. If you moving your home defense force out, then you are over extending because you didn't plan your attack right. Watch the units killed for neighboring countries (1,000 dead equals 1 unit) so if you see two of your neighbors fighting and they each have 20,000 deaths each, they have basically exhausted their starting units with each other and are ready for picking. Expand only for resources to build out your homeland cities, don't develop occupied cities. In occupied cities I only produce army base, recruitment center, and arms industry for morale bonus. I try and keep my morale at 70% or higher, at 60% time to end some wars, at 80% time to start attacking someone.
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