Flashpoint Europe Update (180516)

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    • Flashpoint Europe Update (180516)

      Dear players,

      Today we are releasing a vastly overhauled 28 player Europe Map - which for the time being we are putting on a spawner for all existing and new players. The new map is titled FLASHPOINT EUROPE and reflects the shifting realities of our times. 28 players will be able to experience this exciting world region like never before. With new nations, new independent regions and real world events altering the borders on the map, for instance in the Crimea.

      This update focuses on a broad range of issues including UI fixes, balancing, server stability, and more. Provincial buildings have received an overhaul which should allow players to respond to advancing hostile forces more quickly. In addition, National Guard has received a boost to their defensive capabilities - especially in urban environment. Please note that the National Guard will now be initially unlocked and available from day one on the new FLASHPOINT map.

      • Adjusted stats of provincial buildings
        • Field Hospital
          • Removed Electronics cost
          • Increased Supplies cost from 450/650/850 to 475/700/900
          • Increased Components cost from 450/550/650 to 475/600/700
        • Combat Outpost
          • Removed Fuel cost
          • Decreased construction times from 9/14/18 to 1/4.5/9 hours
          • Decreased building hit-points from 30/40/50 to 15/25/30
        • Airfield
          • Removed Electronics cost
          • Increased Supplies cost from 500 to 700
          • Increased Components cost from 750 to 900
      • Adjusted stats of National Guard
        • Increased Defensive Terrain Modifiers
          • Open Terrain from 0% to +25%
          • Forest from 0% to +25%
          • Urban from +25% to +50%
          • Suburbs from +25% to +50%
        • Decreased Manpower cost from 600/600/600/725/725/875/875 to 550/550/550/700/700/850/850
      • Adjusted required Victory Points for scenarios running on the World War 2020 map from 1600 to 1750
      • Added "End of Days" timer to UI for all games with a set deadline
      • Added a 180 in-game day timer to all newly spawned 64 player scenarios
      • Added a 90 in-game day timer to all newly spawned 28 and 20 player scenarios
      • Increased the level of transport helicopter when using Towed Artillery's Air Assault feature
      • Provincial building changes (not city): The following will be destroyed upon conquest (simulating military retreat)
        • Combat Outpost
        • Field Hospital
        • Airfield
        • Navy Wharf
        • Military Logistics
      • Updated visuals for Combat Outposts to reflect their changes to defensive positions
      • Removed attrition for all units across all maps - no longer will you suffer for hiking across the Himalayas
      • Removed damage against Naval units for the following units
        • Ballistic Missile
        • ICBM
      • Adjusted abandon timers
        • 64 Player Maps
          • Set to 5 real days
        • 20 and 28 Player Maps
          • Set to 36 real hours

      • Fixed issue where units would not be displayed correctly as in combat
      • Fixed issue where the wrong radar signatures were displayed for Tier 2 and 3 Transport Planes
      • Fixed issue where UAV's ferry range was not set correctly
      • Fixed issue where victory popup would not close
      • Fixed numerous issues where users playing on specific resolutions were not able to use the UI correctly
      // Your CON Team
    • "Adjusted stats of provincial buildings" ---> as i advocated for some experiment in this field, i'm eager to see how it will be used

      'Adjusted stats of National Guard' ---> Interesting. Becomes more efficient than motorised infantry for soft attack defense. Nice. We'll see the feedback. I still think their late tech should focus on fuel efficiency :D. Eager to see if new players take the hint and do more of those to defend better against early rushes

      'Removed attrition for all units across all maps - no longer will you suffer for hiking across the Himalayas' ---> nice. While enjoyable on the intellectual ground, it was a pain for everyone to understand how it worked, and didn't bring anything to warfare. Nice streamline.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • All timed games will end once their time is up - with the player/coalition with the most VP being first in the list and then downward by VP. As usual.
      The issues caused by old and outdated maps and their ancient mechanics still running on our game servers are... amazing, to not use a more explicit term.
      We do not believe that running a single match longer than half a year is a requirement to enjoy our game.

      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • "Removed attrition for all units across all maps - no longer will you suffer for hiking across the Himalayas" - This is a bad change. It was logical and interesting feature before and forcing to more creative play. The more like this ones, the more i like this game (omitting the fatal reputation on steam :). This 'attrition' need only to present visible and clear information to players, instead cutting off completely. But I must admit that it damaged special forces badly, they spend most time deep into enemy territory in a jungle, mountains and at least one unit died in every offensive action (which gets me nervous :). When i heard about attrition damage I knew I was doomed. :)Maybe they shoud be immune to that (after all, they are trained to survive in 'harsh' environment).

      The rest looks fine.

      Still missing for 'raging insurgents' update... Oh... That was really fun. Making chaos to create a wall of rogue states or making chaos to make ai do job for you. :) Ahh... Maybe some 'swarm' event mixed with arms race (which is also fun) ? :p

      ( Casual player )
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