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    • Good day all.

      Whilst just having a look at CoN, having not for a good few months, I decided to have a look at the roleplaying section- to see what sort of roleplayers were ongoing. Now, unless I am mistaken (for which I hope I am ) I saw none. Even worse- the CoN RPU now have closed roleplay's and only members and invitationals allowed in? Sad. I'm sure there is some good reason for why the RPU do not conduct public roleplays here very often anymore. Anyway, I do hope that perhaps there is a invigoration of the roleplay's on this platform, for it would be sad to see what I remember once being such a vibrant and active (often with multiple roleplay's running at once) having dissipated. Hope someone can enlighten me on the current situation, because I am sure there are holes in my knowledge that will cause me to concur this view.

    • NicolasMacron, Admin of RPU, just finished the administration of a Roleplay Game revolving around year 2 000. The game was ended by myself this morning. This game was not RPU-Flagged, and took players from the Discord chat.

      In parallel, Oceanhawk and CaptainAmerica organised their own RP flagged as "RPU". However, they took applications on discord to everybody willing, and i was myself proposed to join.

      I dislike as much as you the "Turk/Umer" concept of "if you want to RP, get your membership NOW", but here, your claims are false, due to recent facts. At most, you could suggest that they don't forget to create a forum topic.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • Dear @Sigmar1

      The Roleplayers Union conducts its CoN Games through our Site Leaders Ocean and CptAmerica. These are as intended For RPU Members Only. Because RPU officials take the time and energy to make their own RP's. Just because we share a neighborhood doesn't mean I need to invite you to my barbecue. (Though for the record Sigmar I would let you to my Barbecue <3)

      As Opulon stated. We've recently seen some community based Role-Plays. They are done by groups or individual of players. This is solely based on the desires of players and such I nor anyone else can force them to make more RP's and participate in them. I would suggest if you feel emboldened to revive the once vibrant community on CoN to speak with others and make your own RP and open it to the public.

      If you join the Discord Server, you will find a section of RP where players invite and recruit for RP matches. Hopefully that helps.

    • "Even worse- the CoN RPU now have closed roleplay's and only members and invitationals allowed in? Sad. "

      I would like to contradict you ;)

      I participate in the current RP by the RPU. I wouldn't call their RP closed or invitational only. While, yes, being a RPU member on the discord channel helped me know about it, there is nothing wrong in being a RPU member if you want to participate in their RP.
      Before participating in this RP right now, the RPU never heard of me before. Yet they allowed me in ;). If you applied for the RP, you surely wouldve been accepted too.

      Being a RPU member doesn't give you any duties. You can apply, join, never think of it again for a year, and comeback if you are interested in playing a RP. Lets call it this way, you subscribe to a newsletter that informs you when there is a new RP.
    • Yeah I am in a Rp with the RPU, and am Now a member, I saw them from a post on the forum about one of the games from several months ago, and joined that game. I liked it a bunch, and so I joined another one. It seems to me its not thats its invite only, but more that you just have to show that you know what are doing, or won't go in and troll every thing. I can say the RPs with Cpt and Oceanhawk have had a mix of levels with both experienced RPers and news ones as well.
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    • Even more contradiction - we've recently started testing the concept of what I dubbed "Open-RP" and it went well.
      Idea behind this concept is roleplay light, having normal games with roleplay on top, to allow casual RP and/or get folks interested into RP.
      This is something we will be hosting frequently - possibly starting this week.

      And please don't jump to conclusions because you did not immediately receive a dozen replies: RP is and will be a niche. Albeit hopefully a fun one ;)

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