Heavy bombers

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    • Heavy bombers

      I have tested them a few times. I find them very expensive in the requires and they receive massive damage when bombing tanks / infantry. The damage is a bit bigger but i find them kinda useless compared to the strike bomber (I know it has more range).

      I would suggest to make the heavy bomber more durable vs infantry and tanks that would maybe make it an alternative vs a strike fighter.
    • Heavy bombers are just fine as they are right now.

      Flying fortresses with a huge range a more HP than other aircrafts.

      I would like to point out that the heavy bombers focus aren't infantries, tanks, or even units in general. But buildings and the population!

      Heavy bombers aren't supposed to be an alternative for strike fighters to kill units casually, but to tear down buildings ;)
    • Concur with McJohnsen - good as they are.

      Heavies are NOT the bombing goto unit as in WW2 for reasons such as Cruise Missiles and BM/ICBMs, Strikes and even Helis.
      Historically heavy bombers took their biggest hit during the cold war, once the ICBM was developed, and there was no more need for a nuclear payload delivery unit.
      Most of the heavies active in the skies today were developed or at least planned in the 1950s (obviously with exemption of the B2 and some others).
      In essence they are true dinosaurs - yet still filling a role in deterrence and carpet bombing - though this practice was actually globally banned.

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    • I can add only, that they give a lot of flexibility - you can support your allies almost everywhere and anytime with rain of cruise missiles.

      But I agree that one of "the heavies" needs attention for sure- it's the Naval Patrol Aircraft. Simply they need more range (and more speed?).

      Range: 1250
      Speed: 7.50

      Range: 2000 (at least)
      Speed: 8.50

      Range: 3000 (at least)
      Speed: 9.5
      (Watching P-8 Poseidon parameters they should easily reach Europe from USA; over 9.000 km basing on Wiki data.)

      Why? I think it would be nice to have global hunter of unprepared ships and naval transports. Maybe AWACS ranges also needs changes to make some logical mix.
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