Championship questions

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    • Dr. Leipreachan wrote:

      Hiho folks,

      just to clear things up.,

      In game according to the Championship rules you can ony have Right of Way with members in your coalition. But this I mean those who are in the actual in game coalition (not those who are not in it example in a coalition B as a spy for another (coalition A)

      You have a 48 hr (dalay exit/break clause when ending a NAP - It is important to remember if NAP between coalition is exactly that so Coalition A has NAP with coalition B then once any one breaks that coalition then all members must wait 48 hours before they attack each other (same for pvp NAP)

      :!: Remember :!:

      • NAP partners cannot have Right of Way (RoW)
      Also i need to clarify something else
      • After start we have a 2 day peace period for players = active players in map if a nation playable or small ai has no leader/ npc controled it is fair, as it is AI and so no rule is technically broken However if a player joins that nation it would be sporting to allow that play to retake land taken and give a 3 day NAP pact with said player to allow them to set tings up and enjoy the roun

      so reading this I understand

      1. coalitions are allowed in the game
      2. AI SMALL NATIONS fair game from day 1
      3. AI PLAYABLE NATIONS fair game after 48n hrs .......
      4. If someone joins late it would be nice if you returned land you have taken form them but not a hard rule
    • Just for general understanding:

      How does it get handled, if you are far into an AI territory and then another players tries to steal the center of it?

      And there we have the incident:

      When I started the war with Slovenia:

      First close combat contact with the guard:

      Death of the guard:

      My troop was first in center, but could not conquer it, don't really have screen for that.

      The follow up is a bit messy:

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    • your art didnt even move to the center.
      Your infantry stopped because i conquered Bratislava and you commanded it manually and by knowing that fact (since we talked that moment) to attack. Everything else was coincidence, THAT was not.
      Whatever you say, you commanded stopped troops to move forward to a territory occupied by someone else, not AI.
      The screenshots prove it. Its a freakin fact and THIS is against the rules.
      And i hereby officially protest against it.

      I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

      - Alexander the Great -
    • Gentlemens, i think that you will agree that this kind of rule, in this context, can lead easily to misunderstanding as well as human errors. You surely consider yourselves as right in your point of view, and i'm nobody to tell who is right through the facts.

      However, i think it would be better to not argue and forward all elements to Leiprechaun in order to help you arbritrate this. In the meanwhile, maybe you could disengage and return to peace state ?
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    • An Artillery is an Artillery, it does not need to move to the center.

      You willfully attacked a city, that I was already attacking, knowing that it would end in a war between us, either way.

      You even retreated for a bit before you finally attacked, though I have no screenshot for that.

      @ Opulon: His troops got annihilated in combat, I got the province and afterwards we went back to peace.

      With Hungary I know have the similar problem:

      And just in case, this happened because my airplane was patroling about a hungarien province, while Ukaine conquered it:
    • Mate, i am telling you now straightforward what i think.
      You guys play at the edge of "legality" and you know it. Though if someone else does the same, youre pointing fingers.
      Last game, this game...
      The moment Bratislava was occupied by Germany and your infantry stopped, you had a choice. And you chose rulebreak.
      That moment you saw you lost the "race", that moment you decided consciously to break the rules.
      Everything else before might have been edgy (you also splitted troops to be faster since you saw me coming) but it was ok.
      It was tactical, edgy, but rule-conform still.
      THAT moment you commanded your stopped troops to move forward to the center of a "german" province, THAT moment was a rulebreak. Period.

      I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

      - Alexander the Great -
    • Wrong. i obviously didnt loose the race. i occupied the province with forces able to occupy. You artillery was never in the center, it never engaged the local troops in "close combat". Never. Just firing from distance. Everything else? Well... nice try...

      I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

      - Alexander the Great -
    • We have always used the rule, first to the city claims it . In all challenge matches why would it be different here. We have used the con news and screen shots to work things out when these things occur. We also try to avoid loss of units on both sides. :thumbup:
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