Attacking UAVs should not trigger War Declarations

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  • Attacking UAVs should not trigger War Declarations

    Proposal: Since UAVs do not trigger war declarations when entering foreign airspace, which implies plausible deniability, they should also not trigger war declarations when being attacked, because said plausible deniability must be maintained.

    Background: An alliance member brought up the potential of using UAVs in an internal match with the new 28 player world map.

    We decided that UAV usage would take away nearly of the the guessing and put an even greater emphasis on efficiency and activity, which is a good thing overall. However, if we were to allow UAV usage, we would also have to allow shooting down UAVs, which currently triggers war.

    While we can allow war declarations for the purpose of shooting down UAVs and just prohibit the taking of provinces and attacking other units of the opposing team, it's unnecessarily complex.

    In addition, the Newspaper doesn't record when provinces are taken so if someone took a province and shot down a UAV belonging to the same country, there would be no way to prove they broke the rules without a screenshot of the invading infantry or before/after screenshots of the territory, which is also unnecessarily complex.

    Please fix this issue since UAVs are underutilized and alliance matches that have a set peace period are the perfect arena for them.

    Thanks for your time.
  • It's true it would be interesting to have a setting of some units "not declaring war if you kill them in your territory".

    Like special forces or x.

    I don't think it's mecanically possible, though
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  • UAVs are not underutilized - since we altered their stats they have become quite popular actually.

    TBH we have more important issues currently pending , but I understand where you are coming from with this idea and I do like it. It's just that we would need to tell players specifically that shooting down a UAV does not trigger war - something we are already struggling with in our current UI.

    On top of it as Opulon points out, I'm not sure if we could even do it without touching core code....
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  • Optimally, not only would shooting down a UAV not trigger a war declaration, but UAVs would also be seen as units with unknown ownership to all countries but the UAV's owner, since this would best demonstrate the implied plausible deniability of modern UAVs.

    Of course, this would require further changes to the UI since right now, if I select an airborne unit, the UI informs me where that unit is based out of even if said airborne unit isn't mine.
  • You do realize the difference between RL and game... In RL shooting down a drone thankfully does not justify nuking another nation and causing millions of casualties.
    In games however, simply sending one of your workers to the wrong mine can lead to planetary annihilation... and worse.

    So yeah. Let's hope none of the world leaders ever starts playing CON ;)
    "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf