Stealth question

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    • Stealth question


      Couple of questions regarding stealth

      - The field of view section lists couple of units that have the ability to detect stealth. What is the difference between Naval and Sea?
      - Isn't that a bit outdated since for example Frigates also gain this ability?
      - If i have a SAM unit, my understanding is a stealth aircraft passing through its envelope will not be see and therefore hit. But if there is a radar with the ability to see stealth covering a part of its envelope, and the aircraft gets into that part. Will that enable the SAM unit to attack?

      Thanx in advance
    • Hi Ovy,

      we have a task for us devs to actually overhaul stealth to make it more understandable in one of the coming updates. To your questions:

      1) Naval/Sea is most probably a naming inconsistency - what there is actually is "Stealth" of submarines (game mechanically they use stealth mechanics - but effectively subs are stealthy by their very nature, so...)
      2) not sure what you mean with this - if you are referring to stealth class ships of the US those are currently not part of the game
      3) To fire on a stealth air unit a SAM must have the ability to detect stealth - other radars seeing said air unit will NOT trigger SAM interception

      hope i was able to shed some light on this topic. As mentioned this is already earmarked for overhaul (not from a mechanical, but rather from a UI / UX point of view)


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    • 2) I am referring to last upgrade for Frigate type of ship

      3) For European Doctrine, no SAM has this ability. Therefore can i assume the only way for a SAM to be effective against an incoming stealth strike is for that unit to be part of the unit stack being targeted (or city/region). According to the WIKI a stealth unit becames visible when attacking so vulnerable to the unit being attacked AA capability

      I am sure there is a logic there, but perhaps it needs a more clear explanation :) looking forward for the overhaul

      My actual problem is how can i protect my city/regions/units against stealth air strikes
    • Something else :)

      For a submarine, what is the difference between "Reveal stealth units" and "Sonar detects submarines". Does not make any sense, since due to field of view a submarine cannot reveal naval units, and there are no stealth navy. It appear to me as the same, yet the attack submarine has both while the balistic missile submarine just the sonar