Fuel production not rising

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    • Fuel production not rising

      My problem here is the matter of the fuel not rising their levels, the production keeps on declining, no matter what i do (construction of arms or local industries, etc) the level of production per hour is now on 28/h and im on day 52, that shouldn´t be normal.

      What is your advice ?

      Too many troops can decline the production per hour ?

      Best regards to all superiors, yours truly, Commander XILuis
    • Every military unit consumes oil. It is normal to reach the limits of oil production on day 52. Incidentally, this also affects the manpower sometime. So with each unit, the oil consumption and the manpower consumption increases.

      In late game, it can be useful to stop your production and save oil and manpower. In the time where you do not produce new units you can build instead, for example, warheads and bunkers that cause no running costs. In the event of war unit production can be brought back to full speed then.