Game Balance and Gold

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  • Game Balance and Gold

    New player here. Enjoy the game. Having fun learning the mechanics.

    Have spent some cash for gold. Found that use of gold seems to have a detrimental impact on balance. Is there any mechanism for devs to limit how much gold a player uses per day? LOL under the "turnabout is fair play" heading, this gold user found himself getting nuked on Day 6.

    --- Perhaps games in which no gold may be used?
    --- Games in which limited amounts can be used per day, slowly increasing w/ elapsed time?

    Would be most interested in comments from devs and experienced players. Please note: My point is NOT to wail about some internet pixels getting blown up, but to elicit comments on game balance. Thanks for reading the post.
  • Glad you are enjoying the game, but for quite obvious reasons we cannot and will not discuss the restriction of gold in the game. If you are interested in the reasons please Google "f2p game mechanics". It should throw up more than enough serious and detailed discussions about this topic.
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    Closing this thread as it is breaching our forum rules. Please consult the game and forum rules to avoid such cases :)
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