Purchased resources do not appear - but cash is deducted

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    • Purchased resources do not appear - but cash is deducted

      Hi, I have now experienced quite a few times that purchased resources simply do not appear in my inventory, even if the cash is immediately deducted and I see that the sales offer disappears from the market.

      This last happened to me in game ID: 2396231, where about an hour ago I twice purchased around 4-500 fuel at a price around 8 or so. The money disappeared from my treasure, but no resources appeared.

      I have seen this happen in other games as well, but never took much notice. This time it is more painful though, as it is the start of a new game, and I am now left with no money and no resources..

      My gamertag is DingoBat.

    • It's a ghost bug which we have not been able to replicate or track down.
      It would help if you can open your dev tools and send us a screenshot of the network tab, but these tools will need to be open before you experience it.

      Could it be possible that you had construction or mobilisation queued? If you have anything queued the resources will automatically start which could be part of the 'confusion'.

      If you have information about this it would help greatly, as we haven't been able to track it down.

      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

    • OK, I will try to open dev tools and look out for this to happen again.

      I can say for sure though that the reason was not a queued construction or mobilization. I can say this with certainty because I bought an odd number of resources (let's say 441 pcs), and the number of resources I had of that type remained unchanged before and after the purchase.