Allied Marauders

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    • I am Thadius#2145 on discord and i will look you up, Crang. Thanks! We have 11 members and 8 active now... only 3 who are lev 25 and higher though so we do need a few more higher levels to do a Challenge now.

      I did a search for"Crang #1351" on discord and it came back no results or even relative results. Please send me a friend request if you know how. I am new to discord and have voice figured out (i think) but cannot figure out how to find people since the search function seems nerfed. Thanks!

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    • I do believe the lvl 25 is to gain access to the new elite challenge map only. The one you have to request to get . I dont think there is a lvl restriction to normal challenges with the player generated maps.
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