c-130 gunship

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    • i hadnt stop to think about that and while true it would have been still been nice to use on here agianst tank batallions imagine firing 18.000 rounds in one shot at at ten tanks but you are right thank you for your comment

      im not trying to start argument but im playing as dr congo on a 4 speed map and was trying to decide what i wanted to reasearch next and i came acroos the stealth bomber on it ive seen this option before in other countries who do not have these type of bombers stealth fighters yes bomber no the only country that i know of who has that type of bomber is the untied states so that kinda contradict your one of a kind unit scenario espicailly as you can research a sr-71 in south africa and b-2 bomber in saudia arabia the united states never sold these to any other country ever not even the f-117 knight hawk
      • hello

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