Missing Spies??

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    • Missing Spies??

      So i'm playing a game where Ii'm using spies to gather information on what other nations have and I realise that one of my spies has gone missing. At first I assumed he had been caught, but I didn't receive the "we lost contact to an agent after/before he was able to execute his mission" in the intelligence tab. Then I went to check the CoN news in that game on the day after he had stopped reporting the information he had gathered. yet again, no " an intelligence agent, working for maxchan22, has been caught in this city". I also checked that i didn't accidentally put him as a idle agent. Yet again, not there. So is this a bug where my agents mysteriously go missing or is it a update which I didn't know about that can cause this to happen. (it's been a while since I played this game lol)

      Btw I will not provide the game ID unless a developer or admin asks cos I don't really want people to know that i'm spying on them
    • Hello.

      I did find some information about your spies in the news articles.

      On day 28, at 23:59:48, so almost at day 29, you had an agent going missing in Tokyo, he as right now been replaced, Maybe some spy was moved back to Tokyo from another location.

      The spy at Kinshasa was yours? I have seen the spy doing activity until day 26, then there is nothing more heard of him, if it was a spy from one of your allies he could have removed it, as the intel tab shows information from your spies and your coalition members spies to.

      I could not find any more information about spies without that you had an agent going missing in Tokyo lately.

      How many spies do you think have gone missing?
      Have a nice following day
      - Luoniev

      Conflict of nations - PL Team Leader, EN Senior Moderator