Airborne Unit Cancel Bugs

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    • Airborne Unit Cancel Bugs

      Hi there!

      I must say there are some bugs.

      -when you attacke with ships you cant see the timer,
      -delay option doesent work,
      -when you use towed artillery, I was able to use airborne then I used waypoint to go forword after they landed, now i cant use it any more. And also I was able to cancel when they are still bording to go in air-now i cant.
      -when attacking the city and there is a battle going on, I cant see timer also and I cant see defending army unless I click on my, to attacke it. But still I cant see the timer;
      -timer works only on cannons and air force.

      Can you please fix this, I wanted to look away but this started to get annoying. Specialy with ships.
    • Seems like you are having some bugs that has happened just for you on a map, is this all on the same map? If yes then please give me your in-game name and the game-id. I just used the delay option myself and it worked perfectly fine.

      If you provide me the information i need i will check into your game.
      Have a nice following day
      - Luoniev

      Conflict of nations - PL Team Leader, EN Senior Moderator
    • Hello.

      I have checked into your maps, even some maps that you did not give me the game-ID. I found so trace of these problems, do you still have alot of these problems? I would really wanna check it out to see if it is an problem on our side, or if it might be bound to be an issue on your side, as all my timers did show. (Exept the cancel command, might have been one of issues on our side).

      I did check the manyamar map, and i saw timer on every of your units that was either moving or attacking. Could you maybe try and screenshot when you see this issue so i can see it?

      Thank you for the cooperation.
      Have a nice following day
      - Luoniev

      Conflict of nations - PL Team Leader, EN Senior Moderator
    • The cancel doesn't work because you had the time of the boarding for the unit as a buffer to cancel. For about 2 weeks to a month, once you have set any "helo capable" land unit to jump, you no longer have control of a unit.
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    • I would actually like to bring this feature back tbh. cause if you give your airborne a wrong command there is literally no way of stopping them now.

      Got it on the list to be "fixed". Obviously only for units still on the ground, while boarding.

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    • Oh there was - we removed it with one of the refactoring updates going on because it was causing other bugs. So we need to re-implement it, which I scheduled now.
      You are right to ask for it, it is not solved elegantly atm. and invites mistakes.

      "Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion." Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
    • and i have 1 more sugetion for the game if your intrested, its about diplomacy.
      like in rome total war 2 (single player), is you backstab you have negative mark.
      how you can do this here:

      if you have a dill with someone, for nonagresion pack or something, and that dil is broken (like, im vietnam, made ROW with thailand, then i use that ROW to attacke him in citys), you guys can make somekind of vote (like in dota2).
      so players can give positive or negative vote to that player.

      if you have 50 positive likes you can be marked as loyal.
      on the other hand if you have 50 negative marks your marked as trecharus.

      this is how we can see witch coalition and witch player we can trust.
      it would be a lot easyer for newbs and for rest of us, who to trust and where you need to be carefull.

      i know this would be a lot of work, but if you make this lot of players will like that.
      im talking from experiance, like i build something move my armys from borders, attacke on the other side, then i get backstabed from the player i have ROW with.
      what do you think about this?
    • i just dont give right way anymore, my problem is players being poached in a coalition you get attacked by another team they conviently avoid attacking said member off your coalition then that said member joins the attacking coalition afterwards, sorry about what i wrote i think faster then i type so i then think everything i wrote is put down i do apologize
      • hello

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