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      UPDATE: Starting today, we are going to start a graceful shutdown of low activity games. What this means is that: if you were applicable for any rewards (i.e. Gold, victory etc) you will still be awarded. This shut down of games is done in anticipation of the changes we are going to release and to ease server loads. In the coming days you might see largely inactive games be shut down.

      Dear Players,

      We are seeing issues with the Create New Game tab; One of these issues causes the player generated games to be obscured within the join game list, causing less activity and player participation which is to the detriment of your experience in these games. With this in mind please be informed that starting now, we are going to shut down the Create New Game maps and the games that are currently running which are practically inactive, will also be shut down in due time (due to issues with these games). We are fixing the issues and will bring the Game Creation back online ASAP - but only for Allisnces.

      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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      >Game creation has been reenabled for alliances. All other player generated game creation is disabled until further notice.

      When you say alliances do you mean Alliance vrs Alliance games, Internal Alliance games, or both?

      BTW: Thank you for making the game more enjoyable because of your help. Your advice (on Discord and here in the Forum) and information is usually very timely and very helpful.
    • Thanks - we try hard.

      We turned on alliance vs alliance games. All others remain disabled.

      There is a very good reason for this:

      90% of the alliances created only internal games - taking themselves out of the actual game community. You can check this yourself in the alliance leader boards. Notice how there are only a handful of alliances challenging - while the absolute majority only played internally.

      Player created games additionally served only to further segregate the community and player base - eventually leading players to complain about empty games, while our servers were flooded with nearly empty single player or friendly matches.

      This inevitably led us to analyse and stop further player game creation. Initially we didn't even realise what a problem we had at hand until we noticed how games suddenly were filling up nicely after disabling it. At the same time the complaints stopped.

      TLDR: we are an MMO and the most valuable asset for an MMO is it's active player base. It is our primary duty and obligation to our community to ensure players can always find others to play with.

      I hope this totally honest and open explanation helps understand why we needed to take these measures. At the same time we are increasing our map rotation and working on more exciting features such as mobile and officers.
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