How to Make a Diagnostic Report for Support

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  • How to Make a Diagnostic Report for Support

    Dear player,

    It would be of great assistance if you can provide a diagnostic report of your computer/system when posting a bug report. This way we can better assess the cause of your bug encounter. If you are unable to attach your diagnostic report to your bug report, then please send it over to and include your ingame username and bug report text.

    Courtesy of Eve's technical support post, I am going to share a step by step guide to creating a report:

    • Press 'Start' and select 'run' or press 'Windows key + R' on the keyboard.
    • Type dxdiag in the text field and Click "OK". When this is done, a window will pop up.
    • Wait for the DxDiag report to finish gathering information.
    • Click the "Save All Information" button, located in its lower right corner.
    • Save the DxDiag report.
    OS X:
    • Navigate to the apple menu (apple icon) found on the menu bar.
    • An overview window will open showing your specs and OS version, please send us a screenshot or text about this information. Important: We do not need your Serial Number so you do not need to include this.
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