AFK players and combat stats

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    • AFK players and combat stats

      Ok, i'll write my other suggestion
      i suggest if a player go inactive he don't become controlled by AI and their defeated units still be counted in his combat stats to discourage players from leaving games
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    • Honestly, I don't think anyone cares about the score. This is a progressive game where all we want is gold and not a higher rank. Sure, it may look good on your stats, but if only makes you a target that everyone wants to eliminate quickly before you become more powerful. We can just get score from playing multiple games, like me. I'm at Technician 3rd Grade and I've only won 6 games out of 117. It's not about the rank, but rather the experience and the satisfaction of being able to destroy other nations.
    • More about rank than gold. Tell me then Crang, who would win? An experience player with 117 games played or a random recruit with 60k gold to spend? Obviously the person with the gold if he has the sense to take some time to read what units his doctrine uses the best. Rank doesn't matter if you have someone who has literally enough gold to build level 5 arms industries and research chemical and nuclear weapons in less than an hour. I'm not saying that gold should not be a thing in this game (this is how the developers make money or we wouldn't have this wonderful game) but I want you to know that you can pay your way up the ladder. rank does nothing anyway once you're above rank 11. The most it will do is
      a) give you a better chance of joining a powerful coalition in a game
      b) have an entire coalition target you because they fear you getting too much power
      c) discourage anyone from attack you early game

      Remember that anyone who spends money on this game is more likely to defeat another nation because he can mass produce anything he has researched. You may be a fighter, but know that at any time you can become the target because of your rank.

      Thank you for your time, Lieutenant. Hope I didn't bore you.

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    • i have killed many players that use that small amount of gold! at 20$ the experienced player would still win ! but there is a limit to this as the amount increase that starts to change. As with most new player that spend ( and it is fine that they do) make very little difference to me as they do not have the exp to correctly use that gold in an effective manor. put that same $20 in the hands of a player with exp and you will see the difference .
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    • Not everyone here plays for gold. I know a few players (beginning) who used gold and it was on the same level as me. They must be able to use this gold. And who will come new is rarely know how. I think that most people play to achieve greater rank and gain experience.But the idea of punishing that it is pointless leaving the game is good. The game is usually left by small lvl. Sometimes it is annoying that there is nobody to play with at the end of the map.
    • Many reasons for this. Generally folks paying some gold at least stick around.

      We have the player stickiness/map churn high on our awareness and although we cannot force folks to play, nor restric people to eg. 1 game / day of a Kind (very restrictive and not helpful against churn either) we do beleive it is worth exploring how to increase map retention.
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