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    • Banned account


      I am not able to logon and it shows a message saying my account has been banned. Why I was banned?

      I hope this is a mistake, after all the money and time spent playing the game. I also payed for a subscription. What is happening?

      I've sent 2 emails to your support email and didn't get any answer, so far... Please fix this issue!


      username: CapitainCook
    • Hi @CapitainCook

      I am sorry to hear you were banned. Let me assure you we do not go around arbitrarily banning players (or payers)... Generally there are clear reasons why we ban - none taken lightly.
      If you wrote an email, then I for one didn't receive it (and should have)...

      Thanks for posting your username - I located you and re-activated you - so you can play while I clarify with my staff what exactly transpired.

      Should the ban be issued falsely or on wrong assumptions please accept my apologies - this being said, I may have to return to you with further questions.


      PS: Sent you an email concerning issues. Will assist you further tomorrow morning.
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