Motor vs Natty

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    • Motor vs Natty

      New to the game, and I'm curious which basic infantry is better/based on situation; Motorized or National Guard? I noticed that Motor was the original basic unit and Natty was added later. Motor even with terrain bonuses is better att/def on paper. But Natty is cheaper and you can build 2 Natty in the time it takes to build 1 Motor. For those who are more experienced, which is the better option? Is it worth researching National Guard and having two basic infantry units?
    • Each Infantry unit has it's strong points whether it's cost/upkeep/attack or defense bonus/special ability(stealth/airdrop). You start with the Motorized Infantry and I usually leave them for defense. I like using the Mech Infantary for the advancing units. Depending on how you are advancing and where (location on the globe) you may have an empty homeland as your forces expand outward, National guard to me is to slow down an advancing force till air support arrives. The savings with Natty Guard can be used to buy more Helo's. Think of the synergy of "X infantry" unit with its unit, or what specific task that infantry is to do (line em up in cities, suburbs and open ground to slow an advancing force/hold that Outpost air field). I never research it above level 1 either.
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    • Motorized Infantry is better in every situation, because of the better stats against armor. National Guard is just an extra layer of HP to defend your city with, fast to build and cheap to "fast-forward". Are they worth 950 Rare Materials? No, keep your Rare Materials for something better, like Gunships, AA, Mech Inf, Artillery. Unless you are expecting very early PvP action.
    • I´m using National Guards in the first week, because they are good defenders against e.g. motorized infantry. After better troops enter the game, they have no real purpose. The same goes for motorized infantry a few weeks later. I wouldn´t research higher level Guards, because you can spend the resources better somewhere else.