Is this battle result mathematically possible?

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    • Is this battle result mathematically possible?

      I attacked a city with 1 armor recon and 8 motor infantry (full hp). The defender had 1 armor recon and 2 motor infantry (no bunker). My whole army got wiped out, he took no casualties (was left at 1/2 hp). Is this some sort of bug or normal? I've used half that sized force to take cities with similar garrisons before and won so I'm confused and frustrated.
    • No, it's not logical. Without a bunker, the overkill factor should have ensured your victory (with some losses).

      Have you check the newspaper to see how and when you lost units ? maybe they "weren't alone"
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    • Question: How do you know what you left him? Did you fly over? Or spy him? Just want to clarify that you don't see the usual stack estimate but actually what he really has got...

      Was it player vs player ? Did he reinforce? Did he use any other weapons? Please provide game ID so we can look at it...
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