I think I'm starting to like bombers

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    • I think I'm starting to like bombers

      I've never really liked bombers. They struck me as unnecessary for my doctrine. Not that I thought they were useless (they're certainly not. They decimate infantry and buildings, and have super long range), I just never personally had any use for them. I've always either played alone, or in a coalition/military pact with someone. Because of this, I've always had my targets in range of strike jets. Because range was not an issue, I preferred strike jets for their versatility. Easy to use, fast, can launch missiles but are also a perfectly viable weapon without missiles. Get in and out of range of AA faster. Harder to shoot down. Better AA damage against other strike jets or fighters (when compared to the I think non-existent damage that bombers do in air to air combat). So until now I've never used bombers too much. They've been very low on my list of things to research. But I'm in a middle east crisis map, rn, and I'm about to start projecting force out past my immediate borders. I've got an immediate neighbor who is not a threat, so I'm trying to get past them to deal with the people past them. To do that, I'm projecting long-range firepower. At first, I was just going to use navy and strike jets if I could. But then I realized that I need something for far inland attacks. And I realized that bombers are perfect for this role. Additionally, they're absolutely perfect for the role I need right now: Something to fly deep into enemy territory, destroy the enemy's buildings, and decimate their troops (at least their infantry. Armor I can handle. Or I can use the bombers' missiles for armor). Bombers are amazing for that role. Now my only worry is how to project air superiority. Not sure how to best do that. I have a pact with the person next to me, I'll see how far that gives me for range for air superiority fighters and strike jets. We'll see! ANd, of course, I could just soften up my enemy's cities with some missiles first...

      So TLDR: I like bombers now, kinda! Still not happy about how they're useless in air to air combat.... (I mean, it's to be expected. They're bombers, not fighter jets. I just don't know how to solve that problem now)
    • I am not sure what advice you will get from others but personally WHen I go with Bombers I do nto use SF I will go AS. Reason being AS obviously do much better with other planes regardless of what they are so if your opponent is using AS of SF you can take them on and as for defending your bombers when your target is in range they can stack with them but sadly AS have the least amount of range. then you do have an issue whether it is AA or any type of plane (other than another bomber) TO me the biggest issue though is reserach. Bomber and AS are deadly when you research and if you can get into stealth of either when you are in longer games they are killer but researching both is a killer for resources and research time. So SF gives you the best balance and you only have to research one thing (when it comes to planes)
    • first what are the shortened acronyms for as and sf stand for. part two i quit using longe range bombers because they kept using tom much of my resources and i found my percentage chance to win went up 50% when using strike fighters rather then use bombers plus what i would have to use material wise of been using to research other stuff and biuld more tanks and infantry
      • hello
    • Bomber doktrin deny use of AS's, not SF's. SF can be complementary "close"combat weapon. AS is wasting of ressource and reasearch slot, if you go for true heavy bomber doktrin, wich mean: bombing to stone age every enemy before this enemy can be danger for yourself. If you go for that, you dont need AS any more.

      AS are "must have" for anti airassault doktrin. Or for air transport trap doktrin. Also defencive doktrin. Another way AS are good to have for own airassault doctrin, for defence against enemy anti airassault doktrin.

      Heavy bomber is ultimate offensive doktrin. Even more offencive then ICBM and/or Ballistic Missiles doktrin, because haevy bomber doktrin call to attack enemies earlier.

      ICBM Doktrin for none payers is usefull only between day 16 till day 22, earlier you dont have enough ICMB's, later your enemy should have too strong anti missile defence.