Impact of the air force

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    • Impact of the air force

      Ground attack aircraft could negatively impact the efficiency of troops on enemy ground during their attacks temporarily _ at least a reduction of -1% per squad and if 5 squadrons is a -5% efficiency that would be the equivalent of the disorganization produced by the air attack _ It's just an example of my suggestion.

      Even if for each air attack depending on the size of the fleet, the units burst abruptly stop temporarily in addition to receiving the damage _ for at least 1 or 2 minutes for each air unit that attacks it in addition to a slight loss of efficiency maybe.

      Although for reasons of balance this may result in a slight reduction of attack points for the aircraft. I also propose that heavy bombers do more damage to the efficiency of the ground troops due to the power of their attack. It also seems that the artillery applies this same suppression but a little lighter perhaps.

      With these changes, the air force would have an even more realistic and dynamic impact besides just pulverizing troops on the ground or sinking fleets.

      Thank you very much and greetings _ by the way I really liked the update thanks to all your team for sharing this great game with us.
    • Ah... efficiency. And supply. And unit morale. And disruption. And cohesion. And and and ...

      What I WOULD do, if I COULD do... thing is - I can't; I also believe you can see from the list above, that I've drunk deeply from the cup of truth a long time ago.

      I'll leave it at that.

      Your hardest hardcore designer,

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