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      + + + + Hallows' Eve + + + +

      James Manfred Diary Logs

      27/10/18: Our platoon was dispatched to a local quarry. We weren't assigned any particular intel, apart from the fact that something is interfering with our equipment back at camp. Jonathan, our assigned Officer for the mission is going to take lead.

      28/10/18: We've reached the site. I can't believe they sent a platoon to investigate a 'paranormal' disturbance... What a load of. The squad is speculating that there is equipment in the vicinity left over from the second World War. I've noticed some personnel uttering to themselves, or to each other? I'm not sure. It must be placebo, this place is giving me the creeps. Our excavation today consists of digging and scanning the perimeter.

      29/10/18: I don't remember writing the diary text yesterday... This morning I wake chanting to self. Everyone looks ghastly. But not Jonathan. Hungry now. Ration good.

      30/10/18: Itchy. Ration breakfast good. Jonathan fall in hole. We happy. We go home.

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      //Your CoN Team
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

      "Victory does not always rest with the big guns: but, if we rest in front of them we shall be lost." - Commander Argentius
    • As much as i appreciate such events, i was a bit confused at first, because i thought there will be a special map for this, like the occasional event maps with +50% xp, which was obviously not the case.
      Further confusion was spread by leaving any precise timeframe. The News was announced on Thursday, so i didn't know, if this will start immediately, on Friday or on Saturday through Sunday.

      Please don't be this vague next time, thanks.