Combat beyond visual range

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    • Combat beyond visual range


      I suggest that this feature be taken into consideration in fixed-wing aircraft and possibly rotary wing aircraft.

      In general, modern fighters usually fight more than the visual range thanks to the continuous technological advances in radars and guided radar and infrared missiles _ and I have come to think that if the Mobile Anti-aircraft Vehicles attack at a distance _ Then why not fixed-wing aircraft with radar and their respective missiles?

      In fact I think that the fights that show us are more like dog fights so the implementation of a this characteristic or something similar would make the battles even more dynamic although that includes reducing attack points to maintain a balance and technological improvements according to the level of the unit to slightly increase this scope but for balance it may not be subtle this last.

      Thank you very much for your attention and share this splendid game with us in addition to reading our suggestions.
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    • Yeah we did have this on the screen when designing - this said we would have needed a beyond visual horizon combat mechanic in place - which would allow aircraft to evade/outrun the enemy missiles. One way of simulating we were toying with was creating another set of missiles - similar to cruise missiles - but vs air targets. We finally scrapped the idea to prevent the game from slipping into "missile command" mode.

      So you could call this a deliberate decision to de-missileize our gameplay. It was clear to us from the beginning that we would not want to create the literally dozens of combinations and types of missiles in use today - all serving a valid purpose on the battlefield. That's why our cruise missiles are actually an amalgamation of several ground and air and sea launched medium and long range anti-ship and ground missiles.

      Hope that explains it

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