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    • I need some advice

      So this is the situation Im iran And my borders streach from india to france

      So russia wants to invade me but on our border I have 90 infantry 20 artilitry (so if he tries to get over the moutains my artilitry will shell his troops and tehre is no way he will get past them as they are fully maxed out and all spread evenly and in strategic positions)
      30 strike fighters patrolling 50 CM 30 CHEMICALMISSLES 20 Nukes 10 theatre defense systems 20 helis 50 tanks 20 submarines (in the white sea) 50 destoryes (in china sea ) and finaly 2 commandoes

      so ur thinking this guys an idiot he should invade with a force this strong buut no russia has the equal amount and i cant risk losing 80 percent ofmy army as thier are countries such as germany and spain looknig to get a chance to tear me apart.When i get the chance i will nuke his major producting cities bomb his ports airfielnds and makr sure he is immobile then nuke his troops and walk into rusiia unapposed

      Aint nothing but a thing
    • That is a good idea. In fact, if Germany and Spain et al. are a real threat, you could just nuke Russia's cities enough to lower the morale to the point that Insurgents pop up, which would really ruin his day.

      IMO if Russia has nukes too you might want a couple more TDS to make sure you don't get nuked yourself. It sounds like you have a lot of territory and troops to cover! :)