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      The following are tips to not sucking, and being a bad coalition teammate.

      If anyone has issue with these tips or would like to add to the list please chime in. Input is more than welcome.

      RULE 1.

      Do not attack in all directions aimlessly, without a plan, then ask your coalition mates to bail you out of trouble when the three countries you invaded counter attack and are eating your lunch.

      RULE 2.


      RULE 3.

      Do not take territories, city's, that you can't, or don't intend to defend. leaving your teammate to defend yours, and theirs flank from what is potentially a "weak spot" and point of counter attack is complete garbage. And the works of a bad teammate.

      RULE 4.

      Do not "step on toes" of your teammates. If you see a teammate preparing to invade or in the process of invading DON'T race in trying to capture city's, provinces before your teammate. Firsts communicate (see rule #2, and rule #5) with said teammate and ask he/she if they would like any help with their plan.

      RULE 5.


      RULE 6.

      Do not give "RIGHT OF WAY" to countries outside the coalition without express consent of coalition leadership, and membership. Giving right of way to outside countries / players can make your teammates VERY vulnerable.

      RULE 7.

      Try and not to be a peni. Remember there are people speaking with different levels of English and be patient. Be prepared to work well with others, and share the load. If you can not do this do not join a coalition !

      THANK YOU, :)

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    • Rule 10

      Upgrade your units, specially the ones you will use in your conquests like infantry, fighters, navy or any units you need to be efficient, weak units only means defeat

      Rule 11

      Upgrade your cities, in a late game (if you survive or the other members don't kick you/get out from your coalition) you will not do nothing without high level military bases, industries, airports

      Rule 12

      Never go to another war before you finish the other ones (if you do that, your morale would be better and also reduces the probability of spawninig insurgents in your new occupied cities, also your allies and the other players will always try to take those cities before you, I've seen players with extremly low moral because of wars and civilian casualties and with just a matter of time their occupied cities will rouge and then your economy and military strenght will go down)
    • People overcommiting one line of research and forgetting to research basic units for critical roles is one of the most common reason of "early death".

      In the transition from the early to the mid (day 8-10), the benefits to improving a tech line vs opening a new line-role ... really fluctuate. Weak units mean defeat as much as "critical deficiencies in the OOB".
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • Rule 13: if your in a different continent than your allies, dont expect help until mid-late game

      Rule 14: solve your own damn problems

      rule 15: maintain a decent air force and navy, especially if your Cuba/japan/Philippines /Indonesia / Australia

      rule 16: dont expect to have any friends as a Korea

      rule 17: dont play as Korea EVER unless you want a challenge

      rule 18: Australia doesn't exist

      rule 19: New Zealand is for experienced naval players only

      rule 20: dont play Thailand unless your skilled enough to fight a 2-4 front war

      rule 21: dont be a grammar Nazi, especially with foreign players

      rule 22: unless you speak English, German, Spanish, french, and Italian fluently stick to allies that know your language, google translate can only take you so far.

      rule 23: discord is a life saver

      rule 24: preferably join games as a group, if you have no friends, good luck
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      • CRVs are amazing in early game: they're strong against infantry, they don't suffer from the 1/3 speed penalty that EVERY other ground units does while in enemy territory, they can air assault at level 3, they only require a level 1 army base, and you can research their first level in 30 minutes so you can have one of them at each of your cities by Day 2.
      • Always stack your units, especially infantry (which suck as offensive units and generally suck as defensive units as well for anything but early game), before attacking a city.
      • Focus on building Arms Industry. As a general rule, your rare materials city should have a level 5 Arms Industry right around the same time you build a a level 3 Army Base.
      • Get to know which combinations of units you like best: The Air Assault combo (CRVs, Towed Artillery, Airborne, ASF, SAMs) is a good one, Mobile Artillery with Mobile Anti-Aircraft and Tanks is another good one, Strike Fighters can complement almost any combo.
      • Keep in mind that whatever combo of units you build should utilize all resources available. If you only build units that require Metal & Electronics, you won't be as effective as someone who also uses units that require Supplies.
      • Keep an eye on which resources run out the most and annex and build Arms Industries in city that produce that resource.
      • Make friends and then join public matches with them.

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    • I was collecting messages about common mistakes players do in public games. Normally, I did copy - paste to coalition message, but It became quite massive. So I have decided to paste it here and just link it this time ( omitting points that are here already ). I'm gonna update it from time to time.
      1. Focus on land units if you like to enter once per day. Even with minimal activity you can be helpful and sometimes surprising.
      2. Air units can offer fast expansion and can react to danger immediately, but they need a lot of attention. If not, in most cases, they wait grounded in some airport to be easy killed by single unit.
      3. Do not annex cities at the beginning. You spend tons of resources for really low profits. I'm guessing that annexation is dedicated to use at cities with strong infrastructure (conquered). Lets say you have captured city with naval base lv4 and arms industry lv 4 - this sounds reasonable to annex immediately.
      4. Protect newly captured cities until there is a smoke animation. Because they will turn to Rogue State at 00:00 (game time). In most cases you must leave some forces for two days, until there will be 34% morale. Look cities details for "chance of insurgency". Stronger forces - lower chance. I prefer to leave 4 motorized infantry first day, and 2 second day.
      5. Specially at the beginning, after you capture minor countries. Try to deal with your allies and strike single country from two or three directions. Yup. 2 vs 1 or 3 vs 1. Maybe not honorable, but your alliance will receive around 6 cities in one day and eliminate potential danger fast and easy. Traditionally, every ally takes one different opponent, each loses tons of resources and time - non sense. Eat the weak, to beat the strongest.
      6. If you fight with AI or inactive player, do not split your forces. It is better to choose one target - boom - go another, instead of strike few targets at once with weaker force. For example - I have 10 motorized infantry and three cities to capture. 1 motorized infantry protects each. I've prepared 10 units stack, captured first city on one hit, then another, and another. 3 counterattacks total. While if I split forces to 4, 3, 3 I will take around 8 counterattacks. That's because you won't destroy enemy unit by one hit. It will take 2-4 fighting rounds each. So, please try to make battles as short as possible otherwise it's waste of your soldiers.
      7. Healing / repairing units is important, build the hospital in one city at least on level 3, and move seriously damaged units there, and wait until they will fully recover. Strike - Recover - Strike - Recover - that's the right battle rhythm. Use unit rotation. Ships are repairing at shallow waters.
      8. Prepare for air strikes. Do not build only Main Battle Tanks and Motorized Infantry. While you can beat AI and novice players effectively, you will surely find at least one player that uses mass Strike Fighters strategy (sooner than you think), and it will probably be the end of your journey.
      9. Do not spend all resources for provincial structures at the beginning. Do not build airfields, combat outposts, field hospitals everywhere, only because you have lots of resources. Sure, combat outposts for example can save your ass, but you shouldn't just spam them. Focus on cities, make bigger army, and eventually build combat outposts at key locations.
      10. Build Local Industries only on provinces with a resource icon, otherwise they won't give you anything.
      11. Artillery units have annoying tendency to keep fire to cities if you ordered it directly. It means that if you plan to leave a game for 24 hours, artillery will obliterate a city to the dust and more. This is important, because killed citizens lowers global morale and your economy. Artillery will fire automatically if target is visible and in range of fire. So, try to properly move artillery instead of direct fire.
      12. Fall back if you are going to sleep. Attacking main targets while you cannot check your progress isn't a good idea.
      13. Try to don't loose everything to get nothing. You may think - Ha! I have captured whole bot country in a day, i'm a leader now, and have so much loot. Wrong! If you have lost half of your army to achieve that, you truly lost a half of your time. Compare unit prices with poor 200/day resource generation per occupied city. You are probably in worse position than player who only keep producing units without any expansion. So, you may think you're leading, but in reality smaller countries can kick your ass. Units are your wealth, not territory.
      14. Use Air Superiority Fighters to scout in patrol mode. Strike Fighters will damage all targets if they reach destination, ASF won't, it's designed to air combat, so it can be used to track ground targets.
      15. Do not transport units by air or by sea in more than 5 unit stacks because it slows them down horribly.
      16. Do not merge Fighters with Helicopters. In most cases they will slow down your offense, because helicopters are much slower then fighters.
      17. Do not invest in occupied cities economy. They generate only 25% resource amount. Improve economy of your homeland cities instead.
      18. You see many targets close to each other? Use patrol mode of your strike fighters and try to cover all targets by blue patrol circle and... destroy them all in single action.
      19. If you feel you can't expand safely, or there is no space for expansion - construct Arms Industries to level 5 in all homeland cities. Effect is similar to uninterrupted expansion.
      20. Use Ctrl + mouse if you want to move units very precisely without 'snap to point'. Example - you want your land offense to wait "few steps" from a coastal city until fleet will 'clean up'.
      21. Whenever artillery is able to destroy target by one hit, It gets an extra hit with only one minute reload.
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    • You have a negative K/D, and in average lose more than twice what you conquer, in the 131 games you needed to generate as much points as some players that do it in 3 games.

      I think you still have room for improvement.
      Running an online alliance is pretty much like running a small company, except you need to find other way than money to keep your employees productive. May they play or work, they are humans.
    • HATMAKER wrote:

      titankiller11, if your goal is to come off like an ass you've succeeded. You don't have anything worthwhile to add and YOUR STATS ARE FOR SH*T.
      Get bent little man :)
      Don't call each other names and fight among yourself it doesn't look nice

      titankiller11 wrote:

      i can 1v1 you and kick your ass
      titan killer if you want to 1v1 atleast don't call names and act superior. Yes,you might be a good player with good strategy but are not able to implement it. Remember people will talk but if someone is telling something is wrong then its ok. Don't make a bad image for yourself or in the future for example your best game ever is suddenly stuck and you need help and ask for it on the forum then people will not help you because you are rude to them. This applies to everyone, just because someone called you a ........ , then that doesn't mean you are ...... so understand that people get angry.
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    • titankiller11 wrote:

      1 dont tell me how to live my life 2 thats because i go inactive on most of my games and 3 never bring my stats into anything
      well i concur with Opolun based on evidence .... not good and fact go inactive 90 pct of games.. most people go inactive when about to loose. Also based on your other comments and posts; you appear not to have learned anything really from all your games.

      Its kind of like the fantasy football player who ends up sucking; abondones team then after season says well i didnt really care or i would have won the league.
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