Diplomacy Question, Conquered nations still show me at war

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    • Diplomacy Question, Conquered nations still show me at war

      Hello community,
      I have done some research and cannot seem to find a direct answer. My question is this, after i have conquered a nation and all of that nation's provinces in diplomacy tab it still shows me at war with them as well as my morale tool tip. The issue is that i have a few nations i have completely wiped out and yet they are starting to stack up against my morale counter even though they are no longer in game. A few others i have been playing with also have questioned this. If I could get a clear answer on what to do with the War status of conquered nations I would really appreciate it and i can then pass this information on to my teammates. Thank you.
      -Looking for quality people to game with :thumbsup:
    • Load the map again and see if you are at war with this nation
      Click into diplomacy and look there
      Click on Info and there is writen with which nation you are at war.
      If you are at war with a nation you can also find in diplomation info how many provinces this nation has.
      Sometimes a nation has provinces far away from there homeland.

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    • Actually I am having problems with the Morale also.
      Please see below:



      Sorry about the monster pictures, but as you can see no cities, no VP's and trying to change to peace also did not work, AI or Player. It is killing my morale
      also as you can see. Please feel free to ask any other questions if my problem still is not clear. Thank you all so much
      -Looking for quality people to game with :thumbsup:
    • Ok, but the nation they have no cities and provinces are not the problem. You must conquer the nations which have only few provinces. Denmark, Croatia and Iraq. I think Denmark and Croatia have only islands to conquer. You need Marines or Airmobile inf. to coanquer the rest of this nations.
      Also to push your moral. Build army bases, recruiting offices and bunkers in your cities. May be only level 1 or 2 to have more moral.

      ross222 wrote:

      go ahead and give peace it will switch over somtimes and i had this problem multiple time and acttaully ive found its hurt my morale at least because when i have full peace it goes quite a bit
      I think he has too many wars. The ai will not make peace in the next time.
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    • Hi @lil_Gpig this is a case of sorting the information:

      Fact 1: You're currently negatively modified with -20 for being at war with 10 nations in game 2517692.
      Fact 2: Your list above obviously contains Serbia and Austria etc. (0 VP nations) and is not complete

      Now here's the thing: You are actually at war with 11 nations containing VP - and thus rightfully modified -20 (I think you hit the cap actually with -20 or it will turn -22 at day change).
      The two 0 VP nations (Serbia and Austria) are NOT counted against you and are listed for a very logical reason: Technically these nations could come back (eg. in Alliance games) through a coalition player liberating their homeland.

      Solution: Conquer the last remaining provinces of the nations you've defeated but have remaining VP (eg. Denmark) these are often but not always some small island etc. Once you have them at ZERO VP you will no longer get the war penalty - albeit them being listed as warring nations in the game until the end of the match.

      Hope I could shed some light on this.

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    • Ahh ok, thank you so much for clearing that up. Before i saw this reply i had submitted a ticket in game so i apologize for that inconvenience.

      I have found the little islands for Croatia, Denmark and Egypt by clicking on the nation in that tab and it brings me to view the islands.
      However i am confused that when i hit Iraq it does not take me anywhere and i cannot seem to find any piece of that nation, and its VP value is at Zero?

      Again, thank you greatly for your timely and detailed response at has made things very clear.
      -Looking for quality people to game with :thumbsup:
    • Then Iraq in your game has been annihilated VP-wise, either by you and/or other players.

      This said: there still may be Iraqi units lurking around somewhere. But even if - the VP counter matters. If ZERO, any negative modifier resulting from your war with Iraq will be removed at daychange in game. This is really important to understand: CON calculates VP and VP effects always at midnight/daychange ingame (observe the little timer in the upper left corner of the Player Info Box). So in a Speed game like yours 4x times RL/day.
      Note: games are won also only at daychange (as that's when the game calculates the VP total per player or coalition).

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