[Concept] Scenario "Operation Maelstrom"

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    • [Concept] Scenario "Operation Maelstrom"

      In few words: 64 World Map (World War III) with most types of units from the beginning, plus active AI.

      Now the details:

      The most boring parts of most scenarios are first 5-10 days ( and last 5-10 days ). This is because - oh no, only Motorized Infantry over and over again. Some may say - find an alliance and try Able Archer. But you know, those public matches with "randoms" have their unique virtues ( omitting their defects at the moment ). First, there's no truce periods, or rules, or organizing people process, or massive talking before anything happen. Second thing, you can play relaxed, you can dissappear next week and it doesn't mean that whole alliance will suffer because of you. Third, there are no "roles" like : you do full air, you - full navy, and you - full land, and no funny trade workarounds to achive that. In public game, you need to invest in wide spectrum of units, because some coalition member is a complete beginner, some is mediocre, some don't speak english but seems competent etc. It's a mix of egoism and altruism and no "sacrifice" for an alliance good.

      I would like to propose public scenario with most entertaining features I've meet playing CoN.

      1) 64 World Map as a base,
      Mainly because of any other map lacks of Pacific Wars where there is high density of naval oriented countries. Second thing - clash of continents phase around mid/late game, which makes long range units and carriers very desirable.

      2) Almost every type of unit from the beginning
      Inspired by Able Archer but doesn't care about realistic distribution of power. This rule makes game very intense even in first day, and all strategies from airborne infantry jump to sub hunt are available. Most wanted map condition for me.

      3) No pre-researched techs and advanced infrastructure
      Classic basic start. So we have 'advanced' units, but no techs and buildings to simply jump to mass production of them.

      4) Active AI - is moving, building, researching, producing, missiles firing and war declaring.
      Some may say - "what is fun with playing with an AI". Well, nothing if there are AIs only, but mixed with players it adds a positive element of chaos, which creates opportunities ex. unexpected foe - unexpected ally. It generates "now or never" situations. :)

      5) Stronger Rogue States.
      Inf Att:3 Def:4
      Arm Att:2 Def:3
      Air Def:1
      Hel Def:1
      HP 10
      +25% Def in Jungle, Forest, Mountains, Cities, Urban, Snow
      Stealth ability (same as special forces)
      High expanding tendency

      This adjustment is probably one of top underrated changes in CoN history. It added a nice playground for creative play. I was able to grow rogue states like plants and use them in proxy-wars. Hit and run actions was like founding a revolution. Hordes of insurgents forced player to share forces, invest in area control zones, build fortifications, or even create world alliance to avoid Rogue State victory. Another thing is realism - fighting with insurgents was never easy. Those guys are not boys with water pistols like it is now, but partisans, freedom fighters, or sponsored skilled mercenaries which mostly work in conspiracy, hide in forests, mountains, cities. Stealth skill is simply natural for them. Well, they could be vanished by gold if someone don't like them. :S

      (Considering even playable rogue state here.)

      6) at least 10+ level requirement
      Probably not the best scenario to begin the journey with CoN.

      2.1) Start units:

      Troops :
      1x Motorized infantry per city,
      1x Mechanized infantry, 1x Marines, 1x Airborne Infantry, 1x Special Forces

      1xCRV, 1xAFV, 1xAmphCV, 1xMBT, 1xTD

      1xTowArt, 1x MobArt, 1xMobAA, 1xSAM, 1xMobRadar

      1xASF, 1xSF, 1xDrone

      1x Gunship, 1xAttHel, 1xASW (if has access to the sea).

      1xBomber, 1xNPA (if has access to the sea)

      if has access to the sea: 1x corvette, 1xSubmarine, 1xFrigate

      If is small like Koreas - 1xNational guard per city, 1xMRL, 1xfree Infantry Officer.
      If have no access to the sea like Mongolia: 1xfree Infantry Officer.
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