Using the wait command

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    • Using the wait command

      Does anyone use the "wait" function? I attempted to search this forum for an answer but came up empty. I keep trying and it never seems to work for me. I select two unstacked units, tell them to move (also tried "attack") to a certain place, but want them arrive at the same time as a stack, and they never sync up. I click on the wait button, it populates an arrival time and has preset wait in it, but the units don't sync up. I even adjust the slider to give more time and they still don't sync up. I have NEVER gotten it to work despite multiple attempts and experimentation. So, how does this function work? Or does it work? TIA
    • Yak is right,
      timing on the last Second (to merge two Troops to one Army) won´t happen, but the two troops will reach the Destination nearly in the same Time
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    • Okay, consider me educated on the fact now and I will use it with that understanding. Thank you all.

      That actually does raise a question I have been meaning to look for, if someone knows: Is there a difference in how combat is resolved if you have a stack of two attacking a unit vs two stacks of one attacking the same unit, if that makes sense. Will it resolve differently as two units attacking at different times vs both attacking at once?
    • By all means yes - the results will be different.
      Normally I try to avoid "piecemeal" attacks, due to the fact that defending units get to defend against EACH attacker.
      This is deliberate to give them an additional defensive benefit. As attacker with dispersed forces you will suffer more casualties.

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    • Interesting. I thought - or maybe assumed(?) that a stack was just resolved as a several one one battles. More of a time saver to have them in a stack. In looking at how damage is taken in a stack... the defender gets one attack and that damage is.... divided evenly??? among all units in the stack? Or is it one defense against each unit type if the stack is a combo?
    • Issuing Delayed Orders : How to ensure multiple armies arrive at a location at the same time:
      1) Multi-Select your units and issue a Move/Attack order towards the same location.
      2) With your units still selected, set the Delay timer for the SLOWEST unit in your selection. The timers for all other units are automatically set so that they arrive at the same time.
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