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  • Elite Alliance Challenge Guide

    Dear Alliance Leaders and Members. Elite challenges are only opened at our discretion, to avoid players abusing such game modes as a means of playing on their own whilst reaping the benefits these game modes now provide. Please carefully read this guide and follow all the instructions, and you will have your game in no-time.

    + + + + Elite Challenge + + + +

    If you want to apply for an Elite Alliance Challenge, fill this form and once you complete the process, private message one of our Team Leaders on Discord or Forum private message @Opulon, @Luoniev, @Dr. Leipreachan, @rana71, @BeldrecK and after a verification process, they will gladly forward your request. These challenges are also limited to 1 per month, in the same manner as the Internal challenges. The date is not bound to when the game ends, but rather, when the game started. You can have Internal challenges and Elite challenges concurrently without any problems. The limitations apply to the respective challenge type.

    Elite challenges have the following settings which you can choose in the linked form:
    • Alliance 1 VS Alliance 2
    • Map Start: Now, Full, Date
    • Country Selection
    • Country Anonymity
    • Player peace period
    • AI peace period
    • Premium Currency Disabled
    • Earn double the amount of Rank Points. (Coming soon)

    The following points are the Rules & Criteria for Elite Challenges:
    • Min Rank: 25 (Corporal)
    • Premium Reward: VP in Gold
    • Player Trading is enabled
    • Player Replacement AI: Turned off
    • Terrorist AI: Scarce (only spawn 1 unit per day in cities / no province spawning)
    • Trading AI: Disabled (only players can sell/buy)
    • Player Inactivity Timer: 80h
    • Research: Day 1 - 10 unlocked
    • Resource Starting Stock: up to 2x or more Standard (Unified for all players)
    • Resource Production: up to 2x or more Standard
    • Random Resources: Enabled

    It is important to keep in mind that some Elite Challenge games may change or adapt to these criteria, such as Able Archer.
    Dorado Games
    Conflict Of Nations

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  • For Elite Challenge Matches is it still necessary to take a Screen shot of agree upon game rules ? as the attach file option is no longer on the Application? Or is a DM of the agree rules to Yak /Alphh sufficient now ?
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