Aircraft Carrier Capacity, Aircraft Flight Time and Mechanics of Both

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  • Aircraft Carrier Capacity, Aircraft Flight Time and Mechanics of Both

    Hello Community,

    I have a few questions i'm hoping can be answered:
    1. I wasn't able to locate anywhere what the capacity of the aircraft is for the aircraft carrier?
    2. I need to know what the aircraft flight time is for Heavy bombers and naval aircraft?
      1. I understand that my heavy bombers have a range of 5000, however I am trying to find out the flight time because if my bombers are flying with a carrier group over a long distance I am trying to find out if i can basically patrol from front to back of carrier group, maybe deviate course, return as "escort" for the carrier group and then patrol in the air while naval infantry constructs a landing strip in a new area.
    3. Lets assume carrier capacity is 8 units. If carrier has a full 8 units and leaves mainland, I then take those 8 units and have them "patrol" around the carrier, I then have 8 more units take off from mainland, say two hours later, then land on carrier to refuel. Can I rotate these two groups of 8 to refuel on the carrier if there is a two hour difference between them?
    Thank you everyone in advance!
    -Looking for quality people to game with :thumbsup:
  • Let me clear this up:
    1. Capacity can be found in the unit info screen, right under upkeep (see screenshot):
    2. There are no flight times, Aircraft can patrol indefinitely
    3. In your example the answer is no - you can't rotate refueling between 2 groups. Aircraft is basically tied to their air base (even in flight) - in this case aircraft carrier. So 8 aircraft on a mission from this carrier max.
    Regarding heavy bombers - they cannot attach to carrier so they can't fly around your carrier group if you don't have any ground air base in range