Proposition of players.

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    • Proposition of players.

      Welcome everyone.
      From our great players gets a proposal to improve the game.I have 3 suggestions from the player.

      1. Biological weapon. Would it be to send some infected bacteria to murder a large amount of humanity, lower the country's morale?

      2. Explosive units. Something like artillery. Only that this would cause much more damage and would absorb a lot of raw materials.

      3. A network of tunnels. For this point, I am quite opposed. She would replace by air but I doubt that players will decide.

      I leave the reflections for you.
    • 1) We dismissed the idea of biological agents during pre-production due to their non-military nature and the fact that bio agents need an infection-spreading-system (otherwise they would be like chemicals). This said we may or may not add them sometime in the future - but not in the short term.

      2) Explosive units - they are called Ballistic missiles. I think we do not need more stuff that goes boom.

      3) I don't have any idea what that should be like unless players are thinking of some RTS features from the olden days - and I wouldn't consider them to be honest cause that's totally not my vision for the game

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    • 1. Well, biologic Weapons only make sense when they are quite different from chemicals.
      This could be implemented if they would spread from one region to another.... this on the other hand might be to game dominating, ´cause we´re playin a War Simulation and not Infectionator or else.

      2. same thoughts as germanico. buti would love a Chance to plant any Zebra-Devices in the FuldaGap to makt the whole Area a radiating desert

      3. I´m thinking of the tunnels in the gaza strip, but what practical use would that have in global scope... keep it smart keep it simple
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • I like the Biohazard idea:

      1. CDC Officer Neutralizes biological agent, raises city population to pre-outbreak level (not to exceed that).
      2. Secret lab creates biological agent like warheads
      3. Biological agent reduces population starting at .1 population then escalating on a doubling scale(-.01/-0.2/-0.4/-0.8/-1.6/-3.2...etc), when it reaches -3.2 starts spreading to other cities at -0.1
      4. Biological hazard is like Nuclear/Chemical contamination
      5. Can't be researched till Day 30
      6. CON news reports "cases of diseases linked to Biological Hazard have broken out in _insert city here_"
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